Wolfgang Puschnig

Puschnig Wolfgang © www.puschnig.com
Puschnig Wolfgang © www.puschnig.com


Genre(s): Jazz/Improvised Music
From: Carinthia, Austria
Label: www.col-legno.com/
Website: www.puschnig.com/



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Individuality, versatility, an open mind and the will to experiment in addition to technical skills, of course, are the qualities one ideally hopes to find in a jazz musician. One can find all of these qualities united in the music of Wolfgang Puschnig. But even with someone like him, who is always looking for new challenges, who blends seemingly incompatible styles and has amply demonstrated his impressive experimentiveness, the fascination comes from the feeling the listener is left with. However, it is exactly this feeling that makes Wolfgang Puschnig one of the best, most influential and most important jazz musicians – in Europe in general and in Austria in particular.


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