Yvonne Moriel

Photo of Yvonne Moriel (c) Tobias Paal
Yvonne Moriel (c) Tobias Paal


Saxophone player & composer Yvonne Moriel is currently based in Vienna and Zurich, and since about 2019 has been working as a freelance musician in and outside of Austria. Her music fuses jazz with various other genres, including dub, hip-hop und electronic. Her music has listeners in more than 70 countries and has attracted attention from international media ranging from French art magazines to British music blogs, the German YouTube giant Majestic Casual and Sony Denmark.

She holds a degree in medicine, but decided in 2019 to fully concentrate on music. She has released 2 EPs under her own name to date and performs with a variety of ensembles, including the OnQ collective, Yasmo & die Klangkantine, indie-pop acts AVEC & Yukno, the producer Filous, the Ralph Mothwurf Orchestra, and Musicbanda Franui.


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