Artists To Watch: We Walk Walls

We Walk Walls may still be an unknown name to some, but to many attentive listeners of the popular, alternative Austrian radio station FM4 and its “Artist Of The Week” feature, the four-membered band from Vienna is already a household name. Melding intricate arrangements and melodious songwriting into stunning audio refractions, We Walk Walls are without a doubt one of the most exciting Austrian pop discoveries of the past year.

Musically, the debut album “Ceremonies” (released by Wohnzimmer Records) sets the tone for a sonic journey through pop music history of the past decades. Always with an added edge and infused with a blend of influences from post-punk, new wave, synth and indie pop, the catchy melodies of We Walk Walls go straight into the ear and are like a breath of fresh air in the usual indie pop music context.

Patricia Ziegler (synthesizer, keyboards, vocals), Silvio Haselhof (guitar, keyboard, vocals), Stefan Elsing (drums) and Maze Matik (bass), the four heads behind We Walk Walls, explore musical styles and combinations of sounds that reflect their own unique perspective. With plenty of musical ideas, the foursome truly understands how to translate these sonic visions into charming pop songs. Between slightly melancholy dreaminess and continuous danceability in their songs, We Walk Walls comb through all of their inspirations and produce music that has been skillfully simmered into cohesive and memorable pieces.

We Walk Walls are a welcome addition to Austria’s sonic landscape and we hope to hear a lot more from this Viennese band in the future.

Text: Michael Ternai (translated from German)
Photo: © Silvio Haselhof

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