The following is a growing list of some of Austria’s most popular artists performing internationally. If you are an artist who is active internationally and want to be featured on this list, or if you wish to update your profile, please contact us at

Artist Profile Criteria and information

Preliminary requirements:

  • Current (relatively recent or upcoming) international activity (live shows, label, distributors and/or bookers, etc.).
  • At least one Austrian national or Austria-based artist in the act. And the artist or act communicates itself as (primarily or partly) Austrian.
  • Internet presence: website/label/management page, social media, music on streaming platforms, video(s), etc.
  • Material online available in English, if possible

If requirements are met, we will then request:

  • Hi-res press pic (preferably horizontal format) with photographer’s credit
  • Short bio (in English, if possible)
  • Appropriate artist links
  • (See examples of Artist Profiles)

To request an artist profile, please write to the appropriate genre specialist [Fachreferent:in] for your field of music (found here), and/or to We will also be happy to answer your questions if something is still unclear.

Note: Artist profiles will be placed online when time and resources allow it. Due to the large amount of artists that we cover, we do not have the capacity to update profiles constantly, therefore please make sure the information you provide is current and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Of course, changes can and will occur, therefore, if there are edits to be made, please do not send them separately, regularly, but rather compile a list of updates and send in bulk, when possible.

The upkeep of the artist glossary requires a good deal of resources from our limited team. Please have patience, and feel free to contact us if questions or issues arise. Thank you!

Artist Glossary