Ash My Love (c) Kurt Prinz
Ash My Love (c) Kurt Prinz

A perfect break with over-produced contemporary pop. That is what the Viennese band ASH MY LOVE has given us with their second album “Money” (noise appeal). An album that makes musical nonconformity to an exciting listening experience.

If there is one thing you can say about Ash My Love, it’s that a perfectly polished, super smooth sound is definitely not their thing. On the contrary. Andreas Dauböck (drums, guitar, vocals) and Ursula Winterauer (bass, vocals) – the two heads behind the Viennese formation – really love it raw, loud, and dirty. They leave both daring musical experimentation as well as mainstream mimicry to others.


Ash My Love made the decision to just sound different and celebrate an uncompromising dedication to their personal blues-rock-punk mix. A mix they already established on their much-praised 2014 debut “Honeymoon Blues”. A mix they manage with a good portion of style, elegance, energy, and authentic directness.

Ash My Love Cover “Money”
Cover “Money”

On “Money”, Ash My Love casually show how musical simplicity and simple means can be combined with songwriting talent to create a true listening experience. The duo creates a sound that grabs you from the beginning and beautifully blows you away. The riffs, melodies, and rhythms that this duo brings to their seemingly simple tunes really hit a nerve. The songs are excellently staged and let the band’s special something really shine through.

The album, which was recorded with purely analog equipment, takes you on a road trip through the deepest and most deserted portions of the American south. It visits remote places far from big-city glamour, taking a drunken bender through dark places experiencing all kinds of strange things and celebrating all the way. Andreas Dauböck and Ursula Winterauer prove their special qualities on their second album. The duo has found its very own sound, one that tells a really different story.

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