Austrian Acts at c/o pop Festival 2023

(c) c/o pop 2023
(c) c/o pop 2023

The legendary c/o pop festival is celebrating a big anniversary this year – 20 years! From April 26 to 30, 2023, this monumental event will be celebrated with a grand lineup to accompany the occasion. Included are Austrian acts: Aze, UCHE YARA, CHRISTL and SALÒ!

Austrian Artists at c/o pop 2023


Separately they are Beyza & Ezgi, together they are Aze. Before the two lifelong best friends started writing their own songs in 2019, they learned to weave spoken-word expanses with yearning vocals and skit poetry long before with cover songs by melancholy master Lana del Rey. Since 2020, the two have been giving us a nonchalant insight into their deepest inner selves with their music: with a sound mix of RnB, indie, pop and nuances of oriental music, as well as the charmingly playful lyrics, the duo offers and finds space to feel, express and process – for themselves and also for the listeners.  But: no drama is too big not to make it more acceptable with a humorous twist – a tried and tested coping mechanism that also works for Aze.

Video: Aze – Sweet Talk/Sidewalk

Concert time & place: Thu. 27 April – Bumann & Sohn – 19:30 – tba


CHRISTL expresses herself not only in songwriting and music, her sense of aesthetics is reflected in all her work: be it audiovisual or visual works. In doing so, she is not afraid to illuminate her surroundings and herself with a critical and strong voice. With the release of the single “Object Of Desire”, in which CHRISTL gives expression to her own experiences with sexual harassment, she caused a stir with an activist art action against sexual harassment not only on the streets of Vienna, but immediately in the media. The growing interest in the versatile artist was also evident, for example, in the form of performances on ORF1 at the Austrian Amadeus Music Awards or at popfest 2021.

The EP “A Room For Her Own” (19.11.21) is a chronicle of CHRISTL’s creative work of the previous year and traces her self-discovery process as an artist. In 2022, CHRISTL presented her songs on numerous stages in Austria and thrilled the audience especially live: from festivals like the Acoustic Lakeside to the Open Air Stage of the Arena Wien as support act for Tocotronic – no matter where Christl performs, she leaves an impression. At the same time, CHRISTL is working on her first album, which will see the light of day in 2023.

Video: CHRISTL – Game Over

Concert time & place: Fri. 28 April – YUCA – 18:30 Uhr – tba


SALÒ (Andreas Binder) lives in Vienna, originally comes from southern Styria and since 2019 has been making music for dog pranksters, people who refuse to work and everyone else who has feelings. With SALÒ pop meets punk, anger meets vulnerability and platitudes meet the really big feelings. What comes out of it? Songs about lust, suffering and love in times of late turbo capitalism. If you are looking for influences, you might find them in Rio Reiser, the Idles or the very young Nina Hagen.

Video: SALÒ – Apollonia sitzt bei Edeka in der Kassa

Concert time & place: Sat. 29 April – Artheater Saal – 19:30 Uhr – tba 


UCHE YARA is a unique artist, which is hard to find. The 20-year-old multi-instrumentalist with Nigerian roots grew up in Austria and now lives in Berlin. Her profound songwriting and energetic live presence with a full band created the strong growing hype around UCHE YARA.

Discovered by artists such as Marc Rebillet, Bilderbuch and Parcels, she started touring the very first day after graduating from school. Her first gig was at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, followed by appearances at various tastemaker festivals. Together with the Austrian band Bilderbuch, she recently opened the stage for The Rolling Stones. All this happened before having released a single track.

2023 will be a successful year, as UCHE YARA opens up to the public with her music.

Video: UCHE YARA (solo) Honey, Come Find Me

Concert time & place: Sat 29. April – YUCA – 21:00 – tba

20 years c/o pop

Two decades ago, c/o pop set out to flood Cologne’s cultural landscape with lots of pop-cultural content and wanted to involve as many institutions, labels, clubs and, above all, artists as possible – from Cologne, NRW, Germany and worldwide. The festival has come a little closer to this goal with each passing year. To celebrate the anniversary in a fitting manner, the festival is already hard at work, creating exciting activities for 2023 – which they will be revealing in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

c/o pop 2023
(c) c/o pop 2023