Austrian Acts at Eurosonic 2013: Mile Me Deaf

Wolfgang Möstl is undoubtedly one of the most active musicians of the local indie music scene. Whether in his regular band ‘Killed By 9Volt Batteries’, as a (guest) guitarist of the ‘Sex Jams’ or the guitar formation ‘Goldsoundz’, the restless and in Vienna based musician presents himself as someone who never seems to run out of ideas for new songs. Mile Me Deaf, thus the name of this tireless creative head’s sub-project, is virtually the result of his immense creative urge. Drawing from the hundreds of song sketches and designs he has created over the past ten years, Wolfgang Möstl rigged a new album “Eat Skull”, that stands in a surprising musical contrast to what he has produced so far. With Mile Me Deaf, the singer and guitarist takes a significant turn in the direction of pop, though of course without ever falling into a mainstream abyss. As one of four local acts, the talented musician will represent the Austrian music scene with Mile Me Deaf in the Dutch city of Groningen at the Eurosonic Noorderslag festival in January 2013.

“Eat Skull” is a beautiful example of how sophisticated guitar-oriented music does not necessarily have to stick to any superficial climes, when picking up the challenge of finding a symbiosis within the pop term. Wolfgang Möstl is known for being more socialized with indie rock dares and so Mile Me Deaf seems to be uncharted territory. Consciously taking back, the singer and guitarist attempts to rather score points with more catchy melodies and the simplicity of pop , than by the sheer energy, which he excels in with his regular band Killed By 9Volt Batteries.

With his side project Mile Me Deaf, Wolfgang Möstl does not necessarily say farewell to his musical roots, you can still hear his love for the not-too-polished rock sound of the 90s, but in a certain way it does seem a bit more accessible and compliant than his usual creations. Supported by a number of longtime companions, Wolfgang Möstl’s musical vision with Mile Me Deaf also involves increasingly more acoustic guitars, harmonica sounds and various keyboard sounds.

Stylistically you could most likely settle Mile Me Deaf somewhere between quality indie pop with a rock flip side and charming casual lo-fi attempts with some slight folk excursions and modest use of noise eruptions – a mix that definitely has its appeal and lets Wolfgang Möstl express his creative and free-spirited individualism in a really unique and exciting way. “Eat Skull” has definitely become a refreshing album that stands out from the usual fabricated hodgepodge and leaves you wanting more.

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