Music Biennale Zagreb banner 2023

Founded in 1961, the Music Biennale Zagreb is a contemporary art music festival based in Croatia’s capital city, featuring a mixture of new, commissioned works, and not just in concert: it includes educational programs for all ages, events in schools, galleries, and in public spaces, and bills itself as an “incubator of musical poetics, attempts, and excesses”. Since Austria is practically next door and its music scene is nothing if not adventurous, it’s fitting that a slew of them will be featured at this year’s festival, happening from April 13 – 22. Look no further: here is your exclusive guide to Austrian artists at this year’s Music Biennale Zagreb.

olga Neuwirth

photo of Olga Neuwirth (c) Rui Camilo
Olga Neuwirth (c) Rui Camilo

One of Austria’s most prominent contemporary composers will be a composer-in-residence at the festival, including an artist talk and performances of her works.

Neuwirth at the festival:

Paul Skrepek and Andreas Platzer – Die Maschine

Is it comedy? Music? Social commentary? Regardless, Skrepek and Platzer’s installation/performance promises to be a unique experience.


Manuela Kerer

Performance of the composer’s work Bestie Infernali! by Trio Eusebius:

Klangforum Wien

Klangforum Wien © Judith Schlosser
Klangforum Wien (c) Judith Schlosser

Austria’s premier contemporary art music ensemble will be the ensemble-in-residence at this year’s festival.


“Musical portraits” of Klangforum Wien members on the Močvara Club terrace:

Clemens Gadenstätter

Clemens Gadenstätter (c) Aktion Freie Kunst
Clemens Gadenstätter (c) Aktion Freie Kunst

The composer will also be a featured guest at the Biennale.

Gadenstätter at the festival:

BZSS Impro-Jazz Quartet

Thomas Berghammer (trumpet), Martin Zrost (saxophone), Paul Skrepek (percussion), Oliver Steger (double bass)

IRK Performing Reflection

Featuring: Christine Gnigler (recorder), Thomas Grill (electronics)