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In September, a selection of Austria´s most promising young artists – including Buntspecht, Mavi Phoenix, Florence Arman, Elis Noa and OSKA – will perform at REEPERBAHN FESTIVAL 2021 to represent Austria at the 16th edition of Germany’s largest club festival.

Working closely with local authorities and taking into account the ever-changing circumstances due to the ongoing pandemic, Reeperbahn Festival will again combine a diverse line-up of international talents with a conference and art programme, networking events and award shows. From 22-25 September 2021, a wide range of up-and-coming Austrian talent will perform at the festival and three Austrian labels will present their most promising newcomer artists. Florence Arman and OSKA are also among the nominees for the ANCHOR – Reeperbahn Festival International Music Award 2021.


The Viennese six-piece BUNTSPECHT mixes indie pop, jazz and swing, bossa nova, Wienerlied, and folk in a unique and humorous way, celebrating life in all of its forms. Buntspecht love to play with the German language and refer to their music as film music for films that don’t yet exist. MAVI PHOENIX is a genre-bending, globetrotting artist hailing from Linz that uses his personal influences as the inspiration for his wide range of sounds – from rap to lo-fi pop to alternative R&B. GADDAFI GALS are a HipHop- and R&B trio from Vienna and Berlin, founded by blaqtea, slimgirl fat and walter p99 arke$tra.

The Viennese punk rock band FLEKS released their debut album “Color TV” in summer 2020 (Dachshund Records) and is dedicated to a wild 90s-mix of alternative & stoner rock and punk. The indie-pop duo ATZUR, on the other hand, convinces with dark piano lines, powerful drums and echoing vocals. YUKNO – spoken like “you know” – develop a very special mood with their electronic indie pop, one that draws some influences from the musical past, but also hits the current Zeitgeist.


On Wednesday, September 22, at the legendary club Indra, Austrian Music Export invites international delegates to get to know the current Austrian music scene. Performing live are soulful singer-songwriter OSKA, 25-year-old FLORENCE ARMAN, a British artist living in Vienna, and SHARKTANK, who position themselves somewhere between contemporary hip-hop and psychedelic pop.

Assim Records & Seayou Records at Reeperbahn Festival 21

The Viennese labels Assim Records and Seayou Records represent a wide range of genres and a collective of producers, songwriters and artists both from Austria and abroad. On Thursday, September 23, they present some of their finest acts at Spielbude. Join them from 12pm-06pm and check out CHRISTOH (HipHop, Soul), ROMC (RnB, Soul), LAMILA (Folk, Indie) and SIAMESE ELEPHANTS  (Indie, Rock).

Assim Records & Seayou Records I Reeperbahn Festival 21


Since 2006, LasVegas Records have been digging through the Austrian indie scene like truffle hunters, discovering bands like Leyya, Elis Noa, Kommando Elefant or Dawa and making them known beyond Austrian borders. Within the last year – in spite of Corona – the label kept on releasing great albums, a good and important sign, especially in these weird times. At RBF21, the label will present PIPPA (Indie/Pop), ELIS NOA (RnB, Soul, Pop) and RO BERGMAN (Indie Pop) on Thursday, September 23 (Spielbude, 08pm-11pm).


Since its debut in 2006, REEPERBAHN FESTIVAL has become one of the most important meeting places for the world of music and demonstrates how an exuberant music programme can be combined with music industry interests and social initiatives. In addition to the huge amount of concerts by international artists, the programme also includes formats of visual art and virtual reality as well as a thematically diverse range of films and literature. The Discourse section also provides a platform for social and cultural debates, as well as information about entering the music industry. The Festival Village on Heiligengeistfeld forms the central hub for such themes and many more. Within the framework of sessions, showcases, networking events and award shows, industry visitors to Reeperbahn Festival can listen to, rethink and experience music. The festival’s partner country in 2021 is South Korea.


Austrian Heartbeats at RBF21, Wed, 22.09.2021, 19:00-23:00 Indra

Assim Records & Seayou Records at RBF21, Thu, 23.09.2021, 12:00-18:00 Spielbude

LasVegas Records Labelnight pres. by fanklub, Thu, 23.09.2021, 20:00-23:00 Spielbude

ATZUR (Indie, Pop), Wed, 22.09.2021, 19:00 – 19:40, HÄKKEN

BUNTSPECHT (Folk, Indie), Wed, 22.09.2021, 18:45 – 19:30, KNUST

CHRISTOH (HipHop, Soul), Thu, 23.09.2021, 12:00 – 12:30, SPIELBUDE XL

ELIS NOA (RnB, Soul, Pop), Thu, 23.09.2021, 19:30 – 20:00, SPIELBUDE XL

FLEKS (Indie, Punk), Wed, 22.09.2021, 20:40 – 21:20, THOMAS READ

FLORENCE ARMAN (Pop, Singer Songwriter), Wed, 22.09.2021, 20:40 – 21:20, INDRA // Thu, 23.09.2021, 19:45 – 20:15 N-JOY REEPERBUS // Fri, 24.09.2021, 18:45 – 19:30, NOCHTSPEICHER

GADDAFI GALS (HipHop, Rap), Wed, 22.09.2021, 22:00 – 23:00, MOONDOO

LAMILA (Folk, Indie), Thu, 23.09.2021, 13:30 – 14:00, SPIELBUDE XL

MAVI PHOENIX (HipHop, Rap, Pop), Thu, 23.09.2021, 18:45 – 19:45, ARTE CONCERT STAGE // Fri, 24.09.2021, 22:00 – 23:00, UEBEL & GEFÄHRLICH

OSKA (Singer-Songwriter), Wed, 22.09.2021, 19:00 – 19:40, INDRA // Thu, 23.09.2021, 18:45 – 19:30, NOCHTSPEICHER // Fri, 24.09.2021, 18:50 – 19:20 N-JOY REEPERBUS

PIPPA (Indie, Pop), Thu, 23.09.2021, 22:30 – 23:00, SPIELBUDE XL

RO BERGMAN (Indie Pop), Thu, 23.09.2021, 21:00 – 21:30, SPIELBUDE XL

ROMC (RnB, Soul), Thu, 23.09.2021, 16:30 – 17:00, SPIELBUDE XL

SHARKTANK (HipHop, Indie), Wed, 22.09.2021, 22:20 – 23:00, INDRA // Thu, 23.09.2021, 17:45 – 18:15, FESTIVAL VILLAGE / FRITZ BÜHNE

Thu, 23.09.2021, 15:00 – 15:30, SPIELBUDE XL

YUKNO (Indie, Electro Pop), Wed, 22.09.2021, 20:30 – 21:15, KNUST

ame_logoIn partnership with Reeperbahn Festival, Austrian Music Export has arranged a special rate for Austrian delegates. To obtain your discount code, please send us an eMail until Sept 17th. Additional travel & hotel discounts can be found on the festival website.