Austrian Artists at SZIGET 2018

Sziget Festival
Sziget Festival

Most festivals – at least those where you can and want to camp – are probably not too far away from racetracks, airports, or industrial areas which have already seen better days. Sziget Festival is one of the few exceptions. Hungary’s biggest festival takes place in the heart of Budapest – not on concreted slabs, but on the green, wooded Danube-Óbuda Island. Sziget is a community built festival and known as the “Island of Freedom”.

Sziget 2018 logoAnd the metaphor “in the heart of” is not a meaningless phrase here, because you actually have the feeling that the hustle and bustle at Sziget Festival is the actual heartbeat that makes this already lively city even a little more exciting. It´s not even the big acts “fault”- although they’re top names like Muse, Prince, The Killers, Blur, Deichkind or Die Ärzte.

Among the headliners in 2018 are Arctic Monkeys, Dua Lipa, Gorillaz, Kendrick Lamar, Lana del Rey, Mumford & Sons and Lykke Li, but there´s also a lot of young European talent to discover, including Shame (UK), My Baby (NL), Onuka (UKR), Tommy Cash (EST) or Témé Tan (B).

Austrian Artists at Sziget 2018

This year, Sziget Festival takes place from August 8-15 and features some of Austria´s export hits: Indie-pop whizz kids Bilderbuch, the globetrotting duo Cari Cari, electro-pop newcomer Lea Santee, blues rocker “Sir” Oliver Mally and electro-swing mainstay Parov Stelar.


  • Friday, August 10
    Parov Stelar, 19:30 – Dan Panaitescu Main Stage
    Bilderbuch, 22:00 – Mastercard Stage
  • Saturday, August 11
    Lea Santee, 16:30 – Europe Stage
  • Monday, August 13
    Cari Cari, 14:00 – Europe Stage

Find the full festival schedule here.

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