Austrian Music Export Presents New Funding Program


Back in September we reported on a major funding hike for the Austrian Music Fund (Österreichische Musikfonds). In addition to funds earmarked for tour support, the creation of a new program was announced, and now it’s here: Austrian Music Export is pleased to announce the Impulse Program.

The Impulse subsidy program replaces the Focus Acts program previously administered by Austrian Music Export, but it’s much more than just an update. The new program is designed to provide support on short notice and via a simple application process for international live activities: showcase and festival performances, individual events, presentations, performances as a support act, and brief tours. The deciding factors are that the activity promotes Austrian music internationally and can reasonably be expected to have a long-term impact.


Applicants for an Impulse subsidy should be must be either professionally active music organizations (such as booking or management agencies, labels, or publishing companies) or Austria-based self-marketing musicians responsible for the commercial organization of the activity. Applicants to this program support do not have to have received a production grant from the Austrian Music Fund.

A single artist or group can apply for multiple grants in a single year, not exceeding a maximum of €7,000 per year, to be used for:

  • Transport and accommodation costs for musicians, technical crew, and music professionals
  • Musicians’ performance fees
  • External fees and promotional costs
  • Rental fees for technical equipment and venues

A “green incentive” – an additional bonus of 10% of the grant – is available for projects incorporating environmentally friendly practices.

There is no final deadline for the program, applications can be submitted at any time and will be considered at the next meeting of the selection committee.

General information (German)
Application form (German)

Contact: Paulina Parvanov

The Austrian Music Fund and Austrian Music Export

The Austrian Music Fund was founded in 2005 as a public/private partnership with Austrian music institutions in order to support Austrian music of all genres and in all its aspects – composition, performance, production, publishing, and labels. The ÖMF’s annual budget in 2023 was €1.57 million; with the additional funding announced by the cultural ministry and an increase in contributions from private partners, the budget will be expanded to roughly €2.2 million beginning in 2024. Austrian Music Export – a joint initiative of the ÖMF and mica – music austria providing a service and resource center for contemporary Austrian music in all its forms – will be closely involved in the administration of the new funding programs.

The Impulse funding program is a support program within the framework of Austrian Music Export (AME); the Austrian Music Fund is the legal entity and funding organization. AME is a joint project of the Austrian Music Fund and mica – music austria, dedicated to the promotion of Austrian music on the international stage.