Austrian musicians have long been strong players on the international festival scene. From Jazz, new music and contemporary to electronic, dance and rock, it’s not too surprising to find some of Austria’s top musicians on the road. Whether a comfortable little get together or world-famous mega-festivals, the chances are good you will find and Austrian act there.

While the hype around Austrian acts in the German speaking countries has been anything but a well kept secret, quite a few have found their way across the continent and even further abroad. Parov Stelar, Bernhard Eder, Russkaja and Hans Theesink have already established a name for themselves on the international festival circuit, and quite a few other bands are just beginning the process.

Like the White Miles. Austria’s youngest rock export has already had a busy year of touring behind them, supporting Courtney Love and Eagles of Death Metal on their European shows. Now that the festival season has begun their bus is getting a lot of miles put on it as they head off to festival and club dates across the continent. Their excitement at playing Nova Rock was tangible, but it was only the beginning of their busy summer. A summer which will include several festivals in Europe, including a gig on August 26th at the Reading Festival.

A complete list of all Austrian bands playing at every international festival is beyond the scope of a single webpage. There are just too many in too many different countries. But we do have a small overview of the acts you can see, broken down by country and date.

David Helbock at Brosella Jazzfestival 07/10/16 Bruxelles
White Miles at Pukkelpop 08/19/16 Kiewit-Hasselt
Susana Sawoff at International Jazzfestival 08/06/16 Bansko
Dunkelbunt at Harvest Festival 09/16-17/16 Ontario
Czech Republic
Susana Sawoff at Bohemia Jazz Fest 07/19/16 Domazlice
Manu Delago at Colour Meeting Festival 07/23/16 Policka
Satuo at Tjili Pop 07/18/16 Kopenhagen
Hans Theesink at Tønder Festival 08/26-27/16 Tønder
Satuo at Kultuuriklubi 07/11/16 Kelm
Faroe Islands
Federspiel at G-Festival 07/16/16 Syðrugøta
Federspiel at Valley of Arts Festival Ballaton 07/22/16 Kapolcs
Federspiel at Kaustinen Folk Music Festival 07/13/16 Kaustinen
Satuo at Kaustinen Folk Music Festival 07/13/16 Kaustinen
Satuo at Espan Lava Open Air Stage 07/14/16 Helsinki
Russkaja at Tradin Festival 07/08/16 Embrun
Parov Stelar at Vieilles Charrues Festival 07/15/16 Carhaix-Plouguer
Parov Stelar at Francofolies Festival 07/16/16 La Rochelle
Parov Stelar at Nice Jazz Festival 07/17/16 Nice
David Helbock at Jazz á Juan Festival 07/23/16 Juan Les Pins
David Helbock at Jazz á Juan Festival 07/24/16 Antibes
Bilderbuch at Tollwood Festival 07/08/16 Munich
Marina & The Kats at Rheingau Festival 07/08/16 Wiesbaden
Attwenger at Zeltfestival 07/09/16 Passau
Erwin & Edwin at Stadtfest Lindau 07/09/16 Lindau
Jimmy and the Goofballs at Sun Swing Poolparty 07/09/16 Harsewinkel
Julian & Der Fux at Internationales Donaufest 07/09/16 Ulm
Dunkelbunt at Internationales Donaufest 07/10/16 Ulm
Filippa Gojo at PhotoArt-Image 07/15/16 Köln
Skolka at Landshuter Altstadtfest 07/15/16 Landshut
Skolka at Zwoadoglang Festival 07/16/16 Trostberg
Donauwellenreiter at Sommerfest 07/17/16 Haunzenberg
Georg Breinschmid at Festspiele  07/20/16 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
ROBB at Stimmen Festival 07/20/16 Lörrach
Satuo at Kino im Kasten 07/21/16 Dresden
Wanda at Tollwood Festival 07/21/16 Munich
Erwin & Edwin at Seewärts 07/23/16 Chiemsee
Wanda at Das Fest 07/23/16 Karlsruhe
Holler my Dear at Weinfest am Stein 07/24/16 Würzburg
Erwin & Edwin at Hoffest 07/25/16 Würzburg
Erwin & Edwin at Rock am Segel 07/27/16 Radolfzell
Holler my Dear at Eschborner Summertime 07/27/16 Eschborn
Bilderbuch at Stuttgart Festival 07/29/16 Stuttgart
Dunkelbunt at Theaterfestival Isny 07/29/16 Isny
Erwin & Edwin at Heimatsound Festival 07/29/16 Oberammergau
Marina & The Kats at Zeltival 07/29/16 Karlsruhe
Seiler und Speer at Heimatsound Festival 07/29/16 Oberammergau
Steaming Satellites at Stuttgart Festival 07/29/16 Stuttgart
Wanda at Zelt-Musik-Festival 07/29/16 Freiburg
Jimmy and the Goofballs at Blackforest Reggae Festival 07/30/16 Berhaupten
Mother’s Cake at Der Kater bebt 07/30/16 Hainsfarth
Russkaja at Bier.Sommer.Festival 07/30/16 Usterbach
White Miles at Rock im Wald 07/30/16 Michelau in Oberfranken
Erwin & Edwin at Kommz 08/05/16 Aschaffenburg
Mother’s Cake at Krach am Bach 08/05/16 Beelen
Wanda at Summernights Festival 08/05/16 Sigmaringen
Georg Breinschmid at Jazz Can Dance 08/06-07/16 Eholfing
Farewell Dear Ghost at Zeltival 08/06/16 Karlsruhe
Leyya at Zeltival 08/06/16 Karlsruhe
Mother’s Cake at Lott Festival 08/06/16 Laufersweiler
Avec at Landesgartenschau 08/07/16 Bayreuth
Hubert von Goisern at Würzburger Hafensommer 08/07/16 Würzburg
Mother’s Cake at U&D Festival 08/07/16 Stuttgart
Manu Delago at Ancient Trance Festival 08/12/16 Leipzig
Mother’s Cake at Finki Festival 08/12/16 Rothernberg
Hubert von Goisern at Haldern Pop Festival 08/13/16 Haldern
Wanda at Taubertal Festival 08/14/16 Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Bilderbuch at Dockville Festival 08/19/16 Hamburg
Wanda at Highfield Festival 08/19/16 Großpösna
Steaming Satellites at Chiemsee Summer 08/24/16 Chiemsee
Wanda at Chiemsee Summer 08/25/16 Übersee/Chiemsee
David Helbock at Jazzfestival Brandenburg 08/26/16 Brandenburg
Leyya at Sound of Bronkow 09/02/16 Dresden
Leyya at Kuahgartn Open Air 09/03/16 Edling
Bernhard Eder at Melodica Festival 09/04/16 Berlin
Bilderbuch at Lollapalooza Berlin 09/10/16 Berlin
Avec at Manic Street Parade 10/08/16 Munich
Parov Stelar at Sziget Festival 08/11/16 Budapest
Bernhard Eder at Melodica Festival 08/26/16 Reykjavik
Bernhard Eder at Melodica Festival 08/27/16 Reykjavik
Jimmy and the Goofballs at Gadersound Festival 07/16/16 Pederoa
David Helbock at Andorra Jazzfestival 08/24/16 Andorra
Russkaja at Roko Naktys Festival 08/05/16 Zarasai
Parov Stelar at Rock-A-Field Festival 07/09/16 Herchesfeld
Susana Sawoff at TANJAzz Festival 09/25/16 Tangiers
White Miles at Rock im Wald 07/22/16 Lichtenvoorde
Russkaja at Zwarte Cross Festival 07/23/16 Lichtenvoorde
Federspiel at Hovudarena for Førdefestivalen 07/09/16 Førde
David Helbock at Letni Festiwal Jazzowy 07/17/16 Krakow
Parov Stelar at Untold Festival 08/07/16 Cluj Napoca
Parov Stelar at Pohoda 07/08/16 Trencin
Leyya at U.D. Festival 08/13/16 Ljubljana
Susana Sawoff at Hudobny Festival 08/20/16 Banská Stiavnica
Hans Theesink at Son Bauló Cultura & Culina 07/09/16 Mallorca
Marina & The Kats at Jazzfestival 07/31/16 Sada
Satuo at Far i Hatten 07/17/16 Malmö
Georg Breinschmid at Gstaad Festival 08/02/16 Gstaad
Steaming Satellites at Kleinlaut Festival 07/22/16 Riniken
Wanda at Openair Lumnezia 07/22/16 Lumnezia
Federspiel at Festival Sommerklänge 07/24/16 Zug
Donauwellenreiter at Luzern Musikfest 08/23-28/16 Lucern
Dunkelbunt at Clanx Festival 08/26/16 Appenzell
Holler my Dear at Winnyzja Jazz Fest 09/25/16 Winnyzja
Holler my Dear at Odessa Jazzfestival 09/24/16 Odessa
United Kingdom
Parov Stelar at Wilderness Festival 08/05/16 Cornbury Park, Charlbury, Oxfordshire
Bernhard Eder at Melodica Festival 08/13/16 Nottingham
Bernhard Eder at Melodica Festival 08/14/16 Nottingham
White Miles at Reading Festival 08/26/16 Richfield Avenue, Reading