Anthea (c) AUTPUT

The video portrait in a new format: AUTPUT portrays musicians in an extraordinary way, as this project does not simply interview musicians with a film camera. Rather, artists get to introduce themselves by working on an individual concept with the creators of the platform. The collective PRODUKTION PRODUKTION is the creative machine behind the project AUTPUT.

Following the first videos of Wandl and Paul from Pauls Jets, the latest and final output from AUTPUT is a new video with Anthea and her music as the central figure.

From the AUTPUT creators:

“We put her inner world in a dollhouse: The hyper-pop artist Anthea and the film team, Julian, Conny, Flora and Emy are in the studio, early 2021. Anthea is put into a machine that shrinks her to the size of a Barbie.

She is ready to go. She enters her inner world in miniature and lets herself be mirrored and received by her numerous things. Flashy, fluffy, to fall in love and/or get lost? Collecting and finding oneself anew. She shares intimate thoughts from her diary and takes us through her world – finally arriving on stage, the perfect place to let everything out. With her track “XEA” she takes us into a dazzling future.”

Anthea (c) AUTPUT

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For more insight into the project, read our interview with AUTPUT founders Emy May and Flora Fee.


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