Christoph Pepe Auer – “White Noise”

Christoph Pepe Auer © Julia Wesely
Christoph Pepe Auer © Julia Wesely

CHRISTOPH PEPE AUER once again becomes the tinkering and inventive musician on his new album “White Noise” (Sessionwork Records). “White Noise” was released on September 20, 2019.

White Noise

“White Noise” is a prime example of what can happen once you break away from all conventional musical rules and let the creative mind run free. Basically, Christoph Pepe Auer has never been a musician who stuck to a single style. Originally coming from a jazz background, the native Tyrolean with the penchant for experiment who plays or has played in the Jazz Big Band Graz, the Vienna Art Orchestra and in a duo with Manu Delago, is always willing to push the musical boundaries ever further and explore in any possible way the tonal possibilities of his instruments, mainly the bass clarinet.


Cover “White Noise”
Cover “White Noise”

In this sense his new album came about, with a stylistically wide spectrum, ranging from jazz to pop and chamber music to electronic music and with its own accents on soundtechniques. Together with Clemens Sainitzer (cello), Mike Tiefenbacher (piano) and Gregor Hilbe (drums), Christoph Pepe Auer creates his very own musical cosmos, one that sounds in pleasantly warm tones and expresses itself in wonderfully varied pieces. The quartet grooves in a powerful way (“Golden Hour”), as it also gives room to quiet and emotional moments (“Big Five”, “Remembrance”). Danceability (“Finally”) and jazzy playfulness (“White Noise”) are not forsaken by the Tyrolean and his colleagues.

With his new album, Christoph Pepe Auer underpins his reputation as one of the most interesting representatives in his field in this country. “White Noise” is an album that breaks all the ordinary rules in a refreshing way and provides a slightly different kind of listening experience.

Michael Ternai [Translation Julian Schoenfeld]

Christoph Pepe Auer on tour:
10.10. Multiphonics Festival 2019, Köln, D
11.10. Multiphonics Festival 2019, Dortmund, D
12.10. Multiphonics Festival 2019, Düsseldorf, D
26.10. Textilmuseum, Helmbrechts, D
27.10. interJAZZo im Fotomusuem, Görlitz, D
29.10. Theaterstübchen, Kassel, D
30.10. A-Trane, Berlin, D
31.10. Cafe Museum, Passau, D
12.12. Jazzclub Tonne im Kurländer Palais, Dresden, D
13.12. Double Time, Hameln, D
18.12. Jazzclub Unterfahrt, München, D

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