c/o pop convention tickets for Austrian professionals!

c/o pop convention 2014
August 21 – 22, 2014

The c/o pop industry event, this year going by the umbrella brand name of “c/o pop convention”, returns with an exciting program to secure its reputation as a key platform for the music, media and entertainment industries.

In line with its motto “We care about independent pop culture”, the c/o pop convention will tackle a range of new issues head on – exploring in particular the central questions of content distribution. How does content get to the consumer? Who organizes its distribution and who owns the channels through which it flows?

The topic will be broken down into two main areas of focus – “branded entertainment: brands and music” and “avenues of content distribution (live to digital)”.

The c/o pop convention will look at the latest developments in the field of digital entertainment and highlight current movement and emerging trends in the music industry in Germany and abroad.

The convention is expecting speakers and guests from over 25 countries: people involved in the culture and creative industries, representatives from the world of advertising, start ups, artists, producers and marketeers from the various content sectors, all of whom will use the convention to exchange insights, form contacts and take advantage of new business opportunities.

To facilitate networking and promote synergy, the c/o pop convention will be pitching its tents once again in the Kölnischer Kunstverein and the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung für Wissenschaftsförderung, thus ensuring that the c/o pop convention continues to take place in the immediate vicinity of the c/o pop festival.

Ticket Discount

The c/o pop convention has a special ticket offer for Austrian professionals: 50% off the regular price.

How it works:
– follow this link:
– scroll down to “Enter Promotional Code”
– enter the code “4friends”
– specify how many tickets you want to purchase under “Special Partner Rate” ticket

Additional offer

The German railway company Deutsche Bahn is offering all buyers of c/o pop convention tickets a €99 ticket (round trip) for the train ride through Germany.
In addition, the price for the train ride in Austria will be reduced by about 10% (specific price via the hotline).

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