Bid (c) Alena Baich, Verena Wiesinger
Bid (c) Alena Baich, Verena Wiesinger

A brilliantly daring, new interpretation of classic jazz. That’s what DUSHA CONNECTION have to offer on their new album “Merak” ((redpmusic). An album that shows that there is still a lot to draw out of long lost sounds. In an attempt at fusing the classic and the modern the Viennese trio Dusha Connection set themselves the goal of modernising the jazz of the past. The result proves that Esad Halilovic (drums, compostion), Maximilian Tschida (piano) and Alessandro Vicard (contrabass) have achieved their goal.

To be honest they have done more than that. Because after the first listen to their recent release, it is clear that they have created something completely new. Something that combines the most diverse elements and brings them together in a brilliant way. The sounds of the past have never sounded so contemporary and lively. So refreshingly different.


The three instrumentalists have dropped a hot mix onto the dance floor. One that inspires the listener to follow along and let the music inspire them. Open to all styles, they connect the most diverse elements in an inimitably passionate way. They draw upon the broad pool of jazz history and mix their diverse musical roots while giving them room to grow. The Austrian. The Slavic. The Italian. Elements that all come together in a composition that still allows freedom for improvisation.

With “Merak”, Esad Halilovic, Maximilian Tschida, and Alessandro Vicard have released an album that proves that classic jazz can sound timeless and anything but old and grey. The songs of the trio have a kick. They are filled with an unconventionally fresh wind that leaves you wanting more.

Michael Ternai (adapted from the German by David Dempsey)

Upcoming gigs:
  • 20.07. Porgy & Bess, Vienna (A)
  • 22.07. Oooh – International Free-Improvisation Festival, Piccolo Teatro Ragusa, Ibla (ITA)
  • 28.07. RaRa Festival, Palazzolo (ITA)
  • 24.11. São Paulo Jazz Festival , São Paulo (BRA)
  • 6.12 – 16.12. Nublu Jazz Festival, New York (USA)

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