Festival Time For Austrian Acts

Winter is usually that time of year when we hide under our blankets, retreating from the world  to nurse runny noses and drink cups of hot chocolate. Fortunately this year there is enough music to sustain us through the long dark months. Winter sees the arrival of several European festivals showcasing the hottest Austrian talents.

Sonic Visions Festival 2012:
23 & 24 November 2012, Luxembourg
Link: http://www.sonicvisions.lu

Located smack bang in the middle of Belgium, France and Germany, Sonic Visions two day music conference and festival features a line-up of impressive alternative and electronic acts.

The music conference format is emerging as critical  festival design aimed at developing and showcasing young artists.  As a must see for industry and fans, Luxemburg’s Sonic Visions combines the elements of festival and conference under one hat. One part concert promoter, one part Music resource center, Rockhal works to offer an opportunity for performers to meet industry and artists to develop their musical  projects through contact to industry.

It’s mantra ‘it’s all about the artists’  seeks to empower artists with networking and business skills focused on music licensing, copyright, touring, DIY strategies, marketing, communication, new markets.

The festival features The XX , Austra, Django Django  and Vienna’s own Elektro Guzzi on Friday, the 23rd of November and Francis International Airport on Saturday, the 24th of November.


The three-member “techno-dance band” Elektro Guzzi will be sure to excite the Fair’s audience with unlimited possibilities of visionary and creative work in techno style. While using solely guitar, bass and drums, the band takes the most unusual playing techniques and puts them together into a rigid mechanical form, which makes them one of the currently most thrilling live performances.
Link: http://www.elektroguzzi.net/




Francis International Airport is probably one of the hottest acts at the moment, playing themselves into the hearts of music fans with their two immensely powerful and highly acclaimed songs.  As ambassadors for Austrian pop music, they are the perfect representatives of the current Austrian music scene.





European Music Fair
23-25 November 2012, Warsaw
Link: http://cjg.gazeta.pl/EuropejskieTargiMuzyczne/0,122113.html

As one of the most important events in Poland, the European Music Fair will once again be the hotspot for Polish and international representatives of the music industry, showcasing the best of current Polish music and upcoming international talents.  Taking place from the 23-25 of November at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, the European Music Fair will also be flavored with Austrian music by Gin Ga and Diver.

Besides the showcase concerts at the Fair, the conference part focuses on Digital, the Music Business, Music and Media, and Musical Phenomena. This year delegates can also attend a series of Workshops and Product Presentations. The trade fair includes exhibitors from Poland and abroad – tech companies, festivals, indie and major labels and more.


As one of  Austria’s most popular bands, Gin Ga has repeatedly proven its extraordinary live qualities at various major festivals. Pop experts of this country all agree that this formation around the charismatic singer and guitarist Alex Konrad has what it takes to make the leap to the international stage.




Once an insider’s tip, the Austrian indie-folk formation Diver has now been able to gain a considerable reputation at various prestigious European festivals. Highly acclaimed by fans and critics, this is a band that truly understands how to produce first-rate songs at the highest level with catchy melodies and complex and surprising arrangements.
Link: http://www.myspace.com/wearediver