Bands and acts like Mile Me Deaf, Plaided, Stefanie Sourial, Just Friends and Lovers, Lonely Drifter Karen, A Thousand Fuegos, Dot Dash, Lime Crush, Crazy Bitch In A Cave, Tirana, or Sex Jams may stand for a lot of things, but definitely not for ordinary mainstream sounds. What they have in common? They have all found their musical home at Fettkakao Records. With 10 years in the game, the Viennese label, founded and run by Andi Dvořák, has established itself as a haven for emerging talents that are refreshingly different and refuse to be pigeonholed.

Those looking for easy listening tunes and smooth, polished music should look elsewhere. With an openness and a willingness to assume risk, label boss Andi Dvořák has managed to capture a unique blend from the many different forms music has to offer. Since the very beginning in 2005, the label has never commited to a particular musical style and embraces artists that shine with originality and conscious maladjustment. The DIY spirit is held high and the niches offside the pop mainstream are the working areas of choice.

Listening to the previous releases – yes, it’s a staggering list – you will recognize the strong will to give all acts a high degree of autonomy, which in return results in authentic, distinctive forms of artistic expression. The label catalog covers a vast musical spectrum, offering listeners a taste of raw garage-punk, alongside more artsy, electronic and obscure (indie) pop music.

Andi Dvořák seems to be on the right path as the quintessential maverick in the label business. Fettkakao is a label that definitely quenches the thirst for more unusual music and has become an indispensable part of the local music scene.


Text: Michael Ternai (translated from German)