Francis International Airport

“And the worst is over” the choir is chanting in the second singleAmnesiacstaken from the forthcoming album In The Woods. And admittedly, one could see and feel the band’s relief after they had completed their latest piece of work. Recording the new album no efforts were spared – the band slashed and maltreated themselves. In the end, the bottom line was 32 days recording in the studio and then another 16 days and nights mixing and finalising the tunes. Financially, this was not a walk in the park for five guys with high standards and ambitions, but empty piggybanks.

With their well received debut album We Are Jealous. We Are Glass (2008) the band already revealed their skills to create delicate guitar-pop songs full of candy-sweet melodies coupled with complex arrangements. For their second coming Francis International Airport envisioned to have more time, technical expertise and sophistication to create a harmonious whole: opulent, dense and delphic. The album is carried by a nebulous prevailing mood that was also caught on the video of their first single Monsters, which was shot in the thickets of the woods near Vienna. The single was released on a 7” in May earlier this year.

The band was kind of fed up by the ubiquitous Lo-Fi stuff by the likes of Best Coast or Girls. Their extensive period of work was rather accompanied by the more sophisticated Grizzly Bear and Beach House. On their new album the usually dreamy band reveal their obsession to fiddling around with details and spending time arranging, rearranging  and fine-tuning their songs.

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Discographie //
In The Woods (Album, CD/LP2010)
Monsters (Single, 7“ 2010)
We Are Jealous. We Are Glass. (Album, CD/LP 2008)
Science Fiction Love Novel (EP, CD 2005)

Francis International Airport – Feet of clay