Franz Hautzinger performing in NYC

Franz Hautzinger is a musician who has never allowed any restrictions to get in the way of his own creativity. Always preserving artistic freedom as the top priority, the trumpeter, composer and improviser continuously creates his own musical world, where the boundaries of styles and genres seem to be obsolete. Currently Franz Hautzinger is giving the United States a taste of his artful and avant-garde strolls through the various forms of music.

“I am a creative, an improviser, composer, musician and trumpeter. The creative act is the center of my musical creativity. I have always been interested in inventing, forming and shaping music. In the moment I can feel the power of inspiration flowing through my body and my mind.”

As displayed in many of his imposing projects, the highly distinguished musician and composer feels most at home in the overlapping areas of various musical genres, no matter whether jazz, improvisation or electronics, contemporary music, avant-garde or world music. Born in 1963 in Burgenland, the trumpeter consistently tries to bridge the gaps and override stylistic boundaries to create something completely new and extraordinary.

Franz Hautzinger’s particular objective is to get rid of the tight corset of conventionalism and to create enough free space for the implementation of his musical visions. He especially loves to confront the audience with a different listening experience and to lure them into new sonic scapes that are beyond the norm. Rather than focusing on the end result, the multi-faceted musician sees the journey and the spontaneous creative process as the goal.

The upcoming concerts in New York will offer music lovers of sophisticated sounds the rare chance to confront themselves with the unique creations of this extraordinary musician. An opportunity that should definitely not be missed.

Upcoming Concerts:

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Text: Michael Ternai (translated from German)