International Online Symposium: MICROTONES ~ SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL

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Paper presentations focusing on microtonal music – an online meeting: From Wednesday, June 30 to Sunday, July 4, 2021, the SOCIETY FOR EKMELIC MUSIC, in cooperation with the MOZARTEUM UNIVERSITY SALZBURG, will host a five-day symposium online with lectures focusing on microtonal music. The event will include lectures by specialists from France, China, Switzerland, UK, Estonia, Italy, Germany, USA, Austria, Greece, Mexico, Canada, Turkey, Chile, Iran, Ukraine, Lithuania and Belgium. Moreover, the book “Microtones: Small is Beautiful” Volume III (Mackinger Publishing) will be presented during the symposium.

The International Ekmelic Music Society

The International Ekmelic Music Society was founded on  by Franz Richter Herf and Rolf Maedel and has its registered seat in Salzburg, Austria. The Ekmelic Music, developed by the two professors, caused Salzburg to become a new center of microtonal music – so it was considered necessary to co-ordinate future artistic and scientific activities in the form of a society.

According to its statutes, the society promotes the propagation of microtonal music – in particular, in the 72-steps ekmelic tone system – by organizing concerts, lectures, and symposia, by means of publication and printing of ekmelic compositions, as well as by supporting the research work on microtonality and the ekmelic system. It maintains connections to other organisations around the world which are dedicated to microtonal music.

The society was (co-)organizer of several symposia thus far:

Small is Beautiful 2019 (c) Ekmelic Music Society

The Symposium: “Microtones: Small is beautiful”

“Microtones: Small is beautiful” takes place collaboration with the University Mozarteum Salzburg and others. Organization: Agustín Castilla-Ávila

Due to the pandemic, all lectures will be presented online and we will not host concerts. For the detailed program, go to the Symposium page on the Ekmelic website.