International Record Store Day in Austria

Coming up this Saturday, the 20th of April, our local independent record stores will once again pay tribute to the International Record Store Day and offer music lovers and connoisseurs the chance to get their hands on exclusive limited one-day-only record deals. With Jack White as the ambassador of the Record Store Day 2013, the organizers have found a prominent and authentic advocate who supports the unique culture of independent record stores and their love for vinyl.

A day to celebrate: many exclusive worldwide releases will be available on this Record Store Day only! Across the globe, over 2000 record stores will participate in this event, including 10 record stores from Austria.  All participating record stores of this year’s Record Store Day will entice with extra special musical goodies and concerts.

Worldwide, approximately 300 exclusive releases from bands such as Black Sabbath, Biffy Clyro, Placebo, The Velvet Underground and Calexico will be offered in  the music afficionado shops outside the major markets. Among others, Austria will contribute with exclusive singles by Christian Wirlitsch and Jochen Arbeit, Destroyed But Not Defeated, Luise Pop and The Attention.

As a special treat, this year’s Record Store Day is also supported by David Bowie. Up for grabs on this day is his new single “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” as a 7″ strictly limited edition including “Where Are We Now”, in addition to his 1965 ! EP and a “Drive-In Saturday” picture disc.

Back to Austria: As another special highlight of this day, this year’s Poolinale (Vienna’s Music Film Festival from 18th – 21st of April 2013) will feature the official Record Store Day movie “LAST SHOP STANDING: THE RISE; FALL AND REBIRTH OF INDEPENDENT RECORD STORES” on the 20th of  April. The documentary focuses on the last English record stores and celebrates many quirky music lovers who have dedicated their lives to the shiny black round disk. The film includes original statements by Paul Weller, Johnny Marr, Richard Hawley, Billy Bragg.







    Bahnhofstraße 26, 9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee



    – 10%!
    Free drinks and snacks
    Free Record Store Day tote bag (4 different designs – as long as stocks last)
    Live performances:
    Destroyed But Not Defeated
    Acoustic gig Christian Wirlitsch (Ukulele)
    Great opportunity to get your RSD singles signed!
    Free Record Store Day tote bag (4 different designs – as long as stocks last)
    Various free goodies: Austrian LP’s + CD’s and lots more!
    Free Record Store Day/Downtown Sound tote bag for the first 50 customers
    Free coffee, soft drinks and cookies
    The band “The Hypnotic Eye” will be traveling to Innsbruck to sign their new single in Downtown Sound.
    In the evening Downtown Sound will host the Record Store Day concert of The Hypnotic Eye in the Weekender Club in Innsbruck
    In-store performance of the Salzburg/Vienna band “Olympique
    Melodramatic indie pop-rock. Their powerful songs and energetic performances are influenced by bands like Arcade Fire, Radiohead, The National, Cold War Kids, Bloc Party, Foals, The XX and Alt-J.
    There will also be beer and of course lots of RSD products, RSD merchandising and a big party!



  • Hey Es Reicht, Runter Von Da Oben7″ Hey Es Reicht, Runter Von Da Oben
    (Recordbag, Distribution: Hoanzl), 300 limited editions worldwide – of course in vinyl!
    A meeting of two music veterans: Christian Wirlitsch (Mannequin, The Passengers, Lassiter) and Jochen Arbeit (Die Ich’s, Die Haut, Einstürzende Neubauten). With their collaborative version “Hey Es Reicht” they manage to transfer a great message with their puristic way of using just a few lyrics and unique  sound architecture.
  • THE SLOOP JOHN7″ Destroyed But Not Defeated “The Sloop John EP”
    (Wohnzimmer Records, Distributor: Hoanzl), 300 limited editions worldwide
    The band presents their version of “Sloop John B”, a traditional song that became famous by the Beach Boys. The other three tracks – each sung by a different member of the band – present the musical range of the trio: From trash blues in the song “Cope With Me” by bassist Markus Reiter, over to the song “Michael Landon”, studded with absurd humor and reminiscent of Black Sabbath, by the drummer Ian Miller, to power-pop in the track “The Perfect Rhyme” by guitarist Lelo Brossmann.
    (Siluh Records, Distributor: Hoanzl) Split 7″ of both bands
    Both bands fuel the tiger from a riot grrrl background and flirtatiously boost the gender roles of pop history. LUISE POP consort with the Pixies anthem “Here Comes Your Man” and lets the bride take over the romance helm in “Here Comes Your Bride”. HALF GIRL contribute with their own feministic twist and offer with “Lemmy, I’m a Feminist” a winking homage to Motorhead’s aging male chauvi Lemmy Kilmister. The two bands are connected by the fact that LUISE POP’s mastermind Vera Kropf also lets her guitar wail with HALF GIRL. A small piece of Berliennese friendship for the Record Store Day 2013.
  • ATTENTION7″ The ATTENTION – Have A Drink/Messer Raus
    (Label + Distribution: Trost Records), 300 limited editions worldwide
    “Mod sound” in the style of the Swinging Sixties at its finest! Mix: traditional blues, soul, beat and R’N’B, Comparisons: Bo Diddley, The Animals, The Yardbirds …
    Exclusive German version of “Messer Raus” for the Record Store Day 2013.
  • THE_FACTS7″ (Fake) The Facts Dieb13 / Gustafsson / Siewert:  “The Fake / The Fact “
    (Label + Distributor: Trost Records), 400 limited editions worldwide
    Special session from January 2013 for the Record Store Day 2013:
    Mats Gustafsson (bass sax): one of the most dazzling names of the current avant-garde/free jazz scene. Projects: THE THING, SONORE, CHICAGO Tentet, dui with Colin Stetson, Thurston Moore.
    Martin Siewert (guitar): improv and composing work in acoustic and electronic contexts. Projects: RADIAN, HEAVEN AND, Trapist, THE YEAR OF, etc.
    Dieb13 (turntables, cigar box): Viennese turntablist, releases on Mego & Erstwhile
  • Globe Unity 757″ Globe Unity` 75 – … und jetzt die Sportschau
    (Label + Distributor: Trost Records), 750 limited editions worldwide
    Unreleased tracks of the early 70’s (2 different tracks) from FMP’s / Peter Brötzmann’s archive.
    Special release for the Record Store Day2013/new artwork: Peter Brötzmann
    Manfred Schoof – trumpet, Peter Brötzmann – tenor saxophone,
    Alexander von Schlippenbach – accordion, Evan Parker – tenor saxophone, Günter Christmann – trombone, Albert Mangelsdorff – trombone, Paul Rutherford – trombone, Kenny Wheeler – trumpet, Rüdiger Carl – accordion, Gerd Dudek – tenor saxophone, Michel Pilz – bass clarinet, Peter Kowald – tuba, Buschi Niebergall – double bass, Paul Lovens – percussion, Hans Reichel – guitar.
  • The-Hypnotic-Eye_Smashed-Blocked7″ John’s Children – Cornflake Zoo (2013) – The Hypnotic Eye – Smashed! Blocked!
    (Downtown Sound Records, Distribution: Cargo), 300 limited editions worldwide
    Genre: Garage Psyche
    johns_childrenThe recordings took place in different locations and were mixed in New York by Ben Baptie at Electric Lady Studios (founded by Jimmy Hendrix). The result is a brand new recording of Andy Ellison’s & Marc Bolan’s cult DJ classic “Cornflake Zoo” in 1968 and a version of John’s Childrens’s only hit “Smashed! Blocked!” by The Hypnotic Eye. Both sides of the record cast a new light on the band using original, analog devices to produce the loudest and wildest version yet.

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