Kick Jazz 2021 – Streamed!

It’s curtain-up for Austria’s local jazz scene! Following five successful editions, the KICK JAZZ 2021 festival will gather the most promising local jazz formations on the main stage of PORGY & BESS on December 6-7, 2021 and show what the local music scene has to offer. The two-day festival is organized by Austrian Music Export in cooperation with Porgy & Bess. Due to the current lockdown in Austria, the festival will take place online, in real-time! Streaming of both evenings of Kick Jazz will be available via the Porgy website, at the time of the live concert, with a quick click, and a pay-as-you-wish policy.

On the two nights of Kick Jazz, the stage of the renowned jazz club Porgy & Bess, awarded for its experimental programming in 2020, will feature nothing less than the highest level of current players from a lively, diverse, and innovative Austrian jazz scene. Their fresh positions ensure that the local scene remains exciting, lively and never stagnant. The number of musicians making names for themselves outside of Austria is also continuously rising. Austrian acts are in demand, playing at renowned festivals, and giving guest performances in the hottest jazz clubs around Europe. For the Kick Jazz VI evenings, the hottest jazz club in Vienna is the host, providing the best stage for them to show off their stuff. Join us for the shows online!

Day 1 – December 6, 2021 / 20:30

Lineup: Alex Kranabetter “Textures” // RAADIE // KRY

Streaming Link Day 1, December 6th, 2021, 8:30 pm (CET)

On his solo album “Textures” (Smallforms), ALEX KRANABETTER (Month of Sundays, Fainschmitz, Voodoo Jürgens, among others) dives deep into sound experimentation and improvisation with his trumpet, making it sound in a way that has little to do with the musical context in which it is usually heard.

A trumpet meets e-zither and electronics. With their duo RAADIE, Lorenz Raab and Christof Dienz travel the wide world of sound and strive to always find new approaches. They seek the new and unfamiliar, break it open and, importantly, listen. They take risks and are not afraid of unexpected encounters. They cross soundscapes and swim in the sea of their own sounds. Music without a net!

RaaDie (c) Gebhard Sengmüller

KRY is an instrumental trio formed in Vienna in late 2019. Unattached to any specific genre or style, its sound is a revelry of simplicity and intuition, a celebration of complexity and control and an intricate fusion of its individual members broad musical spectrum. With Mona Matbou Riahi on clarinet/fx, Philipp Kienberger on bass and Alexander Yannilos on drums.

DAY 2 – December 7th, 2021 / 20:30

Lineup: Sinfonia de CarnAval // Millycent // Dsilton

Streaming Link Day 2, December 7th, 2021, 8:30 pm (CET)

SINFONIA DE CARNAVAL is inspired by the expressive tonal discourse of Jazz using different elements of Classical music, Rock and Funk. Sinfonia De Carnaval create a sonic universe out of the whole sound spectrum of their instruments, which is sometimes also mixed with electronic sounds. In their compositions the inner souls of hideous, beautiful, haunting, eerie, noisy, tender, loving, grumbling, dangerous, raging, good, bad, enchanting, wild or tragic figures are ignited.

MILLYCENT is about to shoot up into the sky of funkyversum. She decided over night to become the queen of mumble-rap. Asked why, she’ll answer: “Cause I’m dancing on the inside. Beat & mumble are my volcano’s lava!”

This Solo-Project combines bits of old disco hits with new lyrics, rearranged beats and unexpected harmonies. Milly Grozs’ improvisation on the common grounds of evergreens drift into comedy, the absurd or free tonality. Her joy in combining free improvisation, jazz and disco pop, macho lyrics of the 60s and feminist positions, hip hop, swing and weird sounds makes the Millycent concerts an experience for very different kinds of audiences. (Benny Omerzell)

The music of DSILTON consists of energetic arrangements in microtonal tunings with modulating rhythms. In Dsilton’s current program, cycles of Georg Vogel & David Dornig are interlocked. Concerning the techniques of composition and the frames for improvisation all pieces share together complex grooves and the extended tonality of 31-tone tuning. The repertoire shows a range from enharmonically entangled improvisation forms, 31-tone serial compositions to arrangements of processed field recordings. This enharmonic microtonal journey is played on special instruments: newly built 31-tone keyboards called Claviton, drum set and a new eight string electric guitar with 31 frets per octave.


Porgy & Bess

Kick Jazz

>Streaming Link Day 1, December 6th, 2021, 8:30 pm (CET)

>Streaming Link Day 2, December 7th, 2021, 8:30 pm (CET)

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