Clara Iannotta & Christof Dienz (c) Astrid Ackermann

The festival KLANGSPUREN SCHWAZ has powered up with new artistic leadership: the Italian composer and music curator CLARA IANNOTTA together with CHRISTOF DIENZ – composer, musician as well as music curator from Tyrol. The duo will take over the artistic direction of the Tyrolean festival for new music starting in 2022. Their work will follow REINHARD KAGER, who has directed the festival since 2019.

An international jury of experts chaired by Klangspuren chairman, Thomas Larcher has chosen Iannotta and Dienz in joint leadership. In addition to the great breadth of expertise and international network they both own, as well as the personal connection to the Tyrolean art and culture scene, the duo’s diverse and multidisciplinary program ideas and concepts give us every reason to expect a continuation of the strong development which the festival has demonstrated till now.

(c) Klangspuren Schwaz 2021

Clara Iannotta (*1983, Rome) is an internationally successful composer and curator. In addition to her artistic work and collaboration with numerous ensembles and conductors, she was appointed artistic director of the Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik in 2013, and her curatorial approach has since led the festival to more audiences and greater program diversity. Clara Iannotta lives in Berlin.

Christof Dienz (*1968, Innsbruck) has been active as a composer, performer and organizer for almost 30 years. He was the founder of several ensembles – most famously Die Knödel – and played as a bassoonist for the stage orchestra of the Vienna State Opera. His works are performed at numerous houses and festivals. From 2012-2016 he was the artistic director of the festival fmRiese – Forward Music Festival in Wattens.

Iannotta and Dienz state: “Being a curator is a privilege and a job with great responsibility. Our goal as artistic directors of the Klangspuren festival is to represent a diverse new music community. To provide opportunities for artists whose voices are worth hearing and who do not yet have a place, and to introduce our local and international audiences to programs that broaden the spectrum that new music represents. Also to build bridges between different aesthetics, as well as to expand the prospects of educational projects for the younger generation of composers and musicians.”


Preparations are currently underway for the Klangspuren Festival 2021, programmed by Reinhard Kager, which has the theme: “Transitions” this year (Sep. 10-26, 2021). Romanian-German composer Adriana Hölszky will act as “Composer in Residence”, and German-born saxophonist and clarinetist Frank Gratkowski will be “Improviser in Residence”. Program details can be viewed here.

The team and the board of Klangspuren Schwaz are looking forward to the future work with Clara Iannotta and Christof Dienz.


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Clara Iannotta

Christof Dienz

Christof Dienz (mica-Datenbank)