Lukas Lauermann (c) Andreas Jakwerth
Lukas Lauermann (c) Andreas Jakwerth

It has been long-awaited, and now it is finally here: the solo debut from LUKAS LAUERMANN. And as was to be expected, the Lower Austrian has landed a major success with his album “How I Remember Now I Remember How” (col legno). The result is a collection of music that transports the listener to other dimensions.

One thing can be said about this musician: he is one of the most versatile and busiest artists in Austria. Lukas Lauermann’s participation in previous projects is proof that he feels at home in a wide variety of musical surroundings.

Lukas Lauermann (c) Andreas Jakwerth
Lukas Lauermann (c) Andreas Jakwerth

Whether in pop (A Life A Song A Cigarette, Soap&Skin, Der Nino aus Wien), world music (Donauwellenreiter), experimental music (Ritornell), or jazz (as a duo with Stephie Hacker) this cellist always manages to put his own stamp on the music he makes. So it’s not too surprising that expectations have been high for his solo-debut. And those who were hoping for a special musical experiences will not be disappointed.


“How I Remember Now I Remember How” draws a picture of an innovative musician used to thinking outside of the box. One who can artistically and delicately translate his own expectations into a refined and layered sound. A musician who is not afraid to experiment. And who invites the listener to join him on a fascinating and moving journey through wide swathes of the musical world.

His numbers and sketches range stylistically from chamber music to classical and new music mixed with pop influences and lay open deeply buried emotions in the listener. Moments of delicate melancholy as well as disruptive improvisation create atmospherically charged musical images. They develop with every note, every melody, into a dense and suspenseful arc that grabs the listener from the very beginning.

Lukas Lauermann has created an exceptional album that will not go unnoticed. “How I Remember Now I Remember How” is a listening experience full of beauty, passion, and a gripping depth.

Michael Ternai

Lukas Lauermann on Tour
10.10. Arts Club, Margate (UK)
12.10. Tin Music and Arts (UK)
13.10. Kanepes, Riga (LIT)
02.11. Kulturforum, Berlin (GER)

Lukas Lauermann
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