Mavi Phoenix’s sophomore album, “Marlon” drops February 2022

Mavi Phoenix Marlon cover 2022 (c) Mavi Phoenix

MAVI PHOENIX announces his new album “Marlon” and tour 2022. On it, he sings about the rebellion of self-discovery, heartbreak, melancholy, living in the moment, sex, attraction and physicality. Mavi Phoenix has put out a statement himself on the significance of this album within the context of the life changes he has gone through over the past year. Scroll down to read his story in his own words, as well as to get the details of the “Marlon Tour 2022”. Concert tickets and album pre-orders are available now.

After the successful debut “Boys Toys”, Mavi Phoenix is back on February 25th, 2022 with the release of his new album “Marlon”. The new album is more self-confident, lighter and more guitar-heavy than before. Songs like “Grass and the Sun,” “Tokyo Drift,” “Leaving,” “Nothing Good” and “F Song” announce the musical liberation of the artist after the public coming out as a trans man. Guitar riffs, amp and synth sounds meet pop punk of the of the 2000s. Marlon Nader aka Mavi Phoenix sings about the rebellion of self-discovery, heartbreak, melancholy, living in the moment, sex, attraction and physicality. In spring 2022, Mavi Phoenix will bring “Marlon” to the stage, touring for the first time with his band throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Tickets for the concerts and album pre-order are now available under this link.

Mavi Phoenix “Marlon Tour 2022“

31/3/22 Cologne, CBE
01/04/22 Munich, Ampere
02/04/22 Frankfurt, Zoom
03/04/22 Stuttgart, Im Wizemann
05/04/22 Bielefeld, Stereo
06/04/22 Hannover, Faust
07/04/22 Hamburg, Uebel & Gefährlich
08/04/22 Leipzig, Naumanns
09/04/22 Berlin, Frannz Club
14/04/22 Vienna, Arena
27/04/22 Salzburg , Rockhouse
28/04/22 Innsbruck, Treibhaus
29/04/22 Graz, PPC
06/05/22 Luzern, Südpol
07/05/22 Basel, Humbug

A statement from Mavi:

No one can say it better than Mavi Phoenix himself, so here is the statement he put on his Instagram page yesterday:

Mavi Phoenix, Instagram, November 9th, 2021

“On 25th February 2022 my sophomore album ‘Marlon’ will drop.

After releasing my debut album last year I started taking testosterone and took a year off from posting, only concentrated on writing new music. I had no idea what would happen to my body or my voice, surely doctors can tell you what might happen but everyone‘s body responds differently to synthetic hormones. But I knew that this path would save my life, I knew that becoming me, Marlon, was what I had to do. Music was and will forever be such a big part in my life, and being able to continue with what I started is the biggest blessing. I don‘t want to lie, sometimes it might look like starting medical procedures will make a transgender person the happiest ever and that‘s the end of the story. True story is I have many moments where I feel alone, scared and totally overwhelmed with everything that has been going on in the last years. I was a bit naive and underestimated the amount of transphobia in our world, and I will have to let go of the wish of becoming biologically male, because that‘s just not what I am. I am a TRANS man and that’s totally okay and valid. When thinking about the album title I was unsure if „Marlon“ was a bit too easy, too predictable.. But for me this isn‘t just a name. It was a light in the dark, something to hold on to, a dream. Just like music always was to me. Thank you for your support, always ❤️❤️❤️“


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