MOST WANTED: MUSIC 2020: November 3–5

From November 3th – 5th 2020, Most Wanted: Music aims to start building the music and creative industries of tomorrow, where collaboration is not merely about working together but creating new with modern goals and rallying around a new ethos.


As its core theme, MW:M20 embrace the TOGETHERNESS that evolved during the Corona crisis: it’s an opportunity to review, rethink and redefine the future music industry, together. All over the world, people are striving for social change. Campaigns are pushing for more diversity, new copyright laws, a fairer distribution of streaming revenues, and for a climate-friendly industry. TOGETHERNESS is accelerating these changes, and it’s at the core of MW:M20.

Most Wanted: Music (c) Dan Taylor Photography
Most Wanted: Music (c) Dan Taylor Photography

MW:M20 takes place as a three-day hybrid music conference both online on the WWW and onsite in the heart of Berlin, of course in compliance with all applicable safety and hygiene regulations. The first event will be the listen to berlin: Awards, on November 3, followed by the showcase event MW:M Live on November 5, which was initiated last year. The music conference will be broadcast on several channels into virtual spheres. With the theme #Togetherness, the conference not only picks up on the buzzword of the crisis, but also sets the tone for this year’s formats: Interactive talks, digital and analog workshops, performances, live interviews and chats as well as virtual networking formats bring the international music industry together at MW:M, even in times of Corona, when social distancing has long since become distant socialising.


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