New Austrian Sound of Music: Ensembles, Bands and Musicians Determined

The decision has been made. In the context of the music program “The New Austrian Sound of Music”, a total of 20 young Austrian musicians and bands can look forward to receiving support from the Austrian Foreign Ministry and Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture in the years 2012 and 2013.

What is the music program “The New Austrian Sound of Music” all about?

In a specially designed program, the Foreign Ministry and Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture offer support for young Austrian musicians in their performances abroad. The ensembles, bands and musicians from the genres of pop/rock/electronic, jazz/improvisation, world/new folk music and contemporary music who were selected for this program will receive increased financial aid for international performances.

The selected ensembles, bands and musicians for the years 2012 and 2013 are:

World/New Folk Music:
5/8erl in Ehr`n
Martin Mallaun
Catch-Pop string strong


Lukas Kranzelbinder (Ensemble Lukas im Dorf)
Diknu Schneeberger
Bastian Stein
Pichler Bros

Francis International Airport
Clara Luzia
Elektro Guzzi

Contemporary Music:

Julia Purgina (ensemble LUX)
Gerald Resch
Matthias Kranebitter
Manuela Kerer
Eva Reiter