New Label: Hector Macello Records

A new home for beats: For many years hip hop producers from Vienna have been inspiring a global audience. Big producer names like Brenk Sinatra, one of the most popular producers in Europe, or Fid Mella, the beat-hero in Italy, have long gained a considerable following beyond European borders and achieved airplay and media coverage in the US.

Despite the ever increasing popularity, the new generation of instrumental hip hop “made in Austria” is hardly perceived and recognized within its own borders. This is set to change with the foundation of the music label HECTOR MACELLO RECORDS. Besides Brenk Sinatra and Fid Mella, producers like Clefco and Mainloop, as well as further artists from Austria and Italy will be represented on HECTOR MACELLO RECORDS.

The new label sees itself as a home base for unique beats and serves as the creative headquarters for audiovisual productions. With the label’s own look and feel of the music videos, future releases will be clearly identifiable as HECTOR MACELLO productions. The same principles apply to both the visual and the musical language of the label: uncompromising and with great attention to detail, handmade and without artistic limitations, multilingual, international, and yet still operating from Vienna. The productions of HECTOR MACELLO RECORDS are released in limited editions and inevitably appeal to music collectors and connoisseurs due to the unique visual design.