Portrait: Olga Neuwirth

Olga Neuwirth remains a consistently fascinating, albeit a serious young voice in contemporary music today.  Her varied output, collaborative productions in the form of radio plays, theatre music, film and film music, installations and instrumental works are among the finest contributions to … read more »

Sofa Surfers

For the longest time, the music of Sofa Surfers had been synonymous with the laid-back groove that seemed to come out of every orifice of Vienna’s music scene in the mid- to late nineties. Among all the DJs and remixers, they stood … read more »

Portrait: Garish

Whatever perception you might have had of Austria, there is a province in the far East of the country called Burgenland that is guaranteed be its polar opposite: It is almost completely flat,  mostly rural, but deeply multicultural with very strong Croatian, … read more »

Portrait: Dorian Concept

With Dorian Concept, we are talking about one of the most promising acts of the Austrian music scene. Hardly any other Austrian musician has made the jump from his own four walls into the international music world at such a breathtaking pace. … read more »

Max Nagl

Looking at the numerous projects in which Max Nagl is involved, one thing instantly becomes quite clear. This is a musician who wants to create his own freedom and for whom the words “fear of contact” are a foreign term. There is … read more »

Portrait: Wolfgang Puschnig

Individuality, versatility, an open mind and the will to experiment in addition to technical skill, of course, are the qualities one ideally hopes to find in a jazz musician. But even with someone like Wolfgang Puschnig, who is always looking for new … read more »