Open Call for Projects: LIVEMX

Audience banner (c) LIVEMX

Supported by the European Commission’s Music Moves Europe framework, LIVEMX aims to help strengthen and develop the European music sector to adapt and thrive in a dynamic industry. The current call for projects is open until June 24, 2024.

The European Union funds a number of initiatives aimed at supporting and strengthening musicians and the music business – we reported recently on the Culture Moves Europe program – and now, it has launched the LIVEMX initiative. The goal: to nurture a more diverse and sustainable music sector through funding targeted at the specific needs of the European music ecosystem.

What does the program support?

LIVEMX is focused on three main areas of the music business:

  • music export (international marketing and promotion of music)
  • live music venues, and
  • digital circulation and engagement.

The program will support projects with scalable or reproducible results as well as offering online “capacity-building actions” – online webinars and resources for networking and to help applicants design their projects.

A co-sponsor of the project is the European Music Exporters’ Exchange (EMEE), a non-profit organization of which Austrian Music Export is a member. According to EMEE:

“LIVEMX fits perfectly with the mission of EMEE and the European Music Export Strategy designed with the Commission these last 3 years to support a stronger, diverse and innovative music industry sector. We can’t wait to see the impact this funding will have on the wider sector.”

Who can apply?

Applications are open to public or private organizations (including self-employed persons) in any of the 27 EU member states or non-EU countries participating in the Creative Europe Program. You or your business must have existed for at least one year prior to your application, and have a track record of work in the area relevant to your proposal.

Important note: projects receiving a LIVEMX grant cannot be for profit! There are some other factors to be aware of as well; we highly recommend checking out the official guidelines for complete information. The current call is open until June 24, 2024; a further call will be announced in fall of 2024.

So what do you say – have you got big ideas on how to promote your music or artist abroad or digitally? Or some innovative ideas on how to run a live venue? Four million euros of funding are out there, to be divided among 90 projects – one of those projects could be yours!