Paier Valcic Quartet (c) Michael_Reidinger
Paier Valcic Quartet (c) Michael_Reidinger

A sound that paints colourful and imaginative pictures – KLAUS PAIER, ASJA VALCIC and their quartet once again combined the most diverse stylistic in a breathtaking way on their new album “Cinema Scenes” (ACT).

A thrilling sound that tells exciting stories and opens the doors to pure musical enjoyment. On their new album, Klaus Paier and Asja Valcic  once again prove what an extraordinary musical spectacle can be created out of stylistic diversity. The accordionist from Carinthia and the cellist with Croatian roots have already proven in the past that they regard the boundaries between the individual forms of playing as a challenge to be crossed in great steps. And now, in  “Cinema Scenes”, they have once again set off on an eventful journey. One which takes them through the most diverse musical regions and places in an extremely atmospheric way.


Cover Cinema Scenes
Cover Cinema Scenes

With Stefan Gferer (bass) and Roman Werni (drums) at their side, they immerse themselves in a dimension in which jazz, chamber music, classical music, tango, blues, musette and modern music combine to create something unmistakably new. A universal language that requires no words to be understood. The music of this virtuoso quartet is full of feeling. It is the expression of an unbridled passion that can be felt in every note and melody. The four participants set off a firework of emotions. They let bittersweet melancholy sound in their pieces just as easily as they can let them groove. They master the subtle, quiet and sensitive tone just as inimitably as the lively, dramatic and in some moments almost orchestral. Their performance invites you to dreamy indulgence, to dancing and partying, to listening and letting yourself be carried by the experience.

Klaus Paier, Asja Valcic und ihre beiden Kollegen geben auf ihrem neuen Album „Cinema Scenes” auf eindrucksvolle Art die Antwort auf die Frage, warum sie dort stehen, wo sie stehen. Sie zeigen, warum sie zur Speerspitze der österreichischen Jazzsezen zählen und internationales Renomee genießen. Das Paier Valcic Quartet bringt Musik zum Erklingen, die einfach nicht unberührt zurücklässt und mit ihrer ganz eigenen Qualität, mit ihrem ganz eigenen Charme verzaubert. Großes Kino.

Klaus Paier, Asja Valcic and their two colleagues make it impressively clear why they are standing where they stand on their new album “Cinema Scenes”. It is unequivocally clear why they count among the best of the Austrian jazz scene and enjoy international renown. The Paier Valcic Quartet brings music to life that touches and enchants you with its very own quality and charm.

Michael Ternai (translated by David Dempsey)


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