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Bild (c) Pressefoto

A wonderfully exciting example of challenging and technically adept hard-rock with a high cool factor. PEROPERO’s second album, “Lizards”, is proof that the possibilities of prog have yet to be exhausted.

A stormy and powerful sound that blows you away from the very beginning. The music PeroPero have recorded on “Lizards” is progressive metal in it’s most interesting and exciting form. Julian Adam Pajzs (guitar, vocals) und Valentin Schuster (drums) are the two brains behind this idiosyncratic band project. They have unpacked all of their musical and compositional tools for this album about alien invaders that conquer Earth. And they have quite a lot of tools.


Cover, PeroPero “Lizards” It is not uncommon for bands that want to sound challenging and refined to lose sight of their goal and tend towards a certain long-windedness. PeroPero do just the opposite. The Berlin based duo with a jazz background know exactly what they want. And they manage to magnificently combine their musical diversity into an exciting and lively pulsing whole that is completely on point.

The album from the adventuresome PeroPero connects diversity in an incredibly gripping manner. A rhythmic complexity somewhere between Meshuggah and Dream Theater, a majestic and powerful riffing that is vaguely reminiscent of Opeth, a wonderfully psychedelic Melvinesque stoner-sound, the musical obliqueness of Voivod, an extremely groove-oriented and playful sludge and doom from bands like Neurosis and Mastodon, confusing solos and much, much, more.

Julian Adam Pajzs and Valentin Schuster have managed to make this mad mix into a sound of their own. A sound that won’t let you sit still. The duo has ignited a high energy musical firework. One in which one insane tempo change follows the other, one powerful wall of sound slams into the next and one surprising turn follows the other. Opportunities to catch a breath are rare. Just as things start to calm down, they put on their punk pants and turn it back up to 11.

“Lizards”, to be released Sept 1 on Panta R&E, is an album that bursts boundaries in a most positive way. It is an impressive musical statement that PeroPero have delivered here. One that will most definitely not go unnoticed.

Michael Ternai (translated by Dave Dempsey)

PeroPero on Tour supporting The Hirsch Effekt

  • 12.10. Die Kieler Schaubude. Kiel
  • 13.10. treibsAND, Lübeck
  • 14.10. EXIL, Göttingen
  • 17.10. Nuke Club, Berlin
  • 18.10. Scheune, Dresden
  • 19.10. Rosenkeller, Jena
  • 20.10. Felsenkeller, Leipzig
  • 21.10. Kulturzentrum KFZ, Marburg
  • 25.10. Café Central, Weinheim
  • 26.10. jubez, Karlsruhe
  • 27.10. DAS BETT, Frankfurt
  • 28.10. Goldmark’s, Stuttgart
  • 29.10. Club Vaudeville, Lindau
  • 30.10. Soho Stage, Augsburg
  • 31.10. Backstage, München
  • 02.11. Viper Room, Wien
  • 03.11. Crash Musikkeller, Freiburg
  • 04.11. Grabenhalle, St. Gallen
  • 06.11. Club Schilli, Ulm
  • 07.11. Z-Bau, Nürnberg
  • 08.11. Kulturclub Schon Schön, Mainz
  • 09.11. MusikZentrum, Hannover
  • 10.11. Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus, Bremen
  • 11.11. Molotow, Hamburg
  • 07.12. Musikbunker, Aachen
  • 08.12. Alte Post, Emden
  • 09.12. Club Hanseat, Salzwedel
  • 14.12. Druckluft, Oberhausen
  • 15.12. Bollwerk 107, Moers
  • 16.12. MTC, Köln

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