Popfest Wien – Panels & Workshops at the Popfest Sessions

Popfest Wien, Vienna/AT
July 23–26, 2015 – 4 Days – 6 Stages – 57 Live Acts

Complementing the extensive concert line-up of the Popfest Wien 2015, the afternoon Popfest Sessions again deal with current and controversial issues of the local pop scene. With special talks and discussions on the German music market, Austrian participation opportunities, and production developments in the analog/digital field (Saturday, July 25th), as well as panels on the subject “New Austropop” (Sunday, July 26th), the sessions form a major part of the festival.
For the first time before the talk events, the Popfest Sessions will be hosting a unique theremin workshop for all ages (Kid Cool Theremin School NYC), led by the Austro-New Yorker Dorit Chrysler. The Popfest Sessions are organized in cooperation with mica – music austria.

Austrian Music Export presents: How to break Germany
Saturday, July 25th, Wien Museum Karlsplatz, 16.00-17.00
Speakers: Jan Clausen (Factory 92), Max Domma (Reeperbahn Festival), Ingo Beckmann (Target Concerts). Moderator: Hannes Tschürtz (ink music)

IngofotoBorn in 1968, Ingo Beckmann started working in the music industry in the late 80´s / early 90´s from scratch: one-man-promo-team, promoters rep, tour and production manager and finally found his mission as an agent & promoter when co-founding target Concerts in 1999. Besides working the venue circuit from clubs to arenas for his wide-spread roster in Germany, he´s also looking after target Concerts entire festival bookings and services as hired-in promoter in Munich. The artist roster of Target Concerts includes bands like Algiers, Brns, Choir of Young Believers, Dropkick Murphys, Fettes Brot, Farewell Dear Ghost, Leyya, Primal Scream and the Steaming Satellites. www.target-concerts.de

RBF-max-6864-hoch-by-rieka-anscheitMaximilian Domma, born in 1985 in Bonn, Germany, is the Music Programmer of Hamburg based Reeperbahn Festival. In 2012-14 he worked as the head of production for the Cologne based c/o pop Festival while finishing his studies in musicology at the University of Cologne (M.A.). Since January 2014 he is the booker of Reeperbahn Festival, Germany’s largest 4-day club festival and conference including more than 250 acts and over 30 venues. It is one of the three most important meeting places for the music and digital industries in Europe. Max lives and works in Hamburg. www.reeperbahnfestival.de

jan2Jan Clausen, Co-Founder of Factory 92, started his career as tour manager for bands like EinsZwo, Deichkind or The Notwist. in 2003 he founded the Hamburg-based PR agency Queen About Music and worked for labels like Herbert Grönemeyer´s Grönland (William Fitzsimmons, Neu!) or the Berlin-based label Morr Music (Seabear, Lali Puna). In 2013 Factory 92 was born as a result of the merger between Queen About Music and Brussels-based export consultancy The Rocking Factory. The agency offers radio and tour PR, festival and showcase marketing, consulting and management services targeted towards the international music industry. Clients include Secretly Canadian, One Little Indian, Cargo Records, FKP Scorpio, MCT and festivals like Sziget Festival, SPOT Festival, Roskilde Festival as well as music export offices in Denmark, Finland, Luxemburg and others. http://factory92.eu

Popfest Sessions Schedule

Saturday, July, 25th | Wien Museum Karlsplatz
11.30-12.15 Workshop: Kid Cool Theremin School mit Dorit Chrysler
12.45-13.30 Workshop: Kid Cool Theremin School mit Dorit Chrysler
Please register per email: workshop(at)popfest.at
14.00-15.00 Panel 1: Analog/Digital
Speakers: Klaus Mitter (Kreisky), Jogi Neufeld (subotron), Sixtus Preis (Preiss Elektronik), Gregor Samsa (Supersense). Moderator: Walter Gröbchen
15.00-16.00 Live: Maja Osojnik
16.00-17.00 Panel 2: How to break Germany
Jan Clausen (Factory 92), Max Domma (Reeperbahn Festival), Ingo Beckmann (Target Concerts). Moderator: Hannes Tschürtz

Sunday, July 26th | Wien Museum Karlsplatz
11.00-13.00 Workshop: Kid Cool Theremin School mit Dorit Chrysler
Please register per email: workshop(at)popfest.at
13.00-14.00 Live: Dorit Chrysler & Workshop Class

Theme Day: The Return of Austropop!
14.00-15.00 Panel 3: Talking bout my Generation
Speakers: Sebastian & Herbert Janata (Ja Panik, Worried Man & Worried Boy, Worried Man Skiffle Group), Hanibal & Wilfried Scheutz (5/8erl in Ehr´n, Wilfried, EAV). Moderator: Alexandra Augustin
15.00-16.00 Live: Krixi Kraxi und die Kroxn
16.00-18.00 Panel 4: Are we heroes? A new sense of community
Anna Kohlweis(Squalloscope), Christina Nemec (comfortzone), Fritz Ostermayer (FM4), Stefan Redelsteiner (Agentur Redelsteiner), Andreas Spechtl (Ja, Panik), ‘Blacky’ Franz Christian Schwarz. Moderator: Robert Rotifer
18.00-19.00 Live: Worried Man & Worried Boy

Download full programm (German): http://popfest.at/#Programm