Primavera Pro 2018 – Delegate Discounts

Primavera Pro is a convention aimed at music industry professionals and is organised together with the Primavera Sound Festival. The trendsetting character of the festival has marked Barcelona as a strategic meeting point for cultural exchange between Europe, North America and Latin America. Primavera Pro offers the ideal setting to channel synergies between professionals from different areas of the sector and is the perfect opportunity to expand networks and soak up the latest trends in the international music scene. Primavera Sound 2018 will take place in Barcelona from 30th May to 3rd June 2018.

Open call for Primavera Pro Startups 2018

The fifth edition of Primavera Pro Startups, a joint initiative by Primavera Pro and Seed&Click to back startups linked to the music sector, launches its international quest for this year’s winning project, which will be elected at the International Investment Forum Primavera Pro Startups 2018, on May 31st at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB). Find more about the open call here.

Accreditation Codes for Delegate Discounts

  • Reduced price for the Primavera Pro Basic 2018 accreditation: 200€ here.
  • Reduced price for the Primavera Pro Premium 2018 accreditation: 350€ here.
  • Reduced price for the Welcome Dinner: 15€ (You will be able to obtain the ticket when buying the accreditation.)

More information on what is included in each accreditation here.

Please note there is a limited quantity of accreditations, and they are running fast due to the high demand. If you have any questions, or if you need any additional information, please don´t hesitate to contact Primavera Sound directly.

Austrian Artists at Primavera Sound 2018

Mavi Phoenix

Wednesday May 30, Primavera a la Ciutat
Thursday May 31, Parc del Fòrum

“The fact that Aventura is one of THE viral songs of 2017 is something that we all agree on; but discovering the rest of the tracks by this Austrian artist of Syrian descent Mavi Phoenix is like going on a safari in the universe of contemporary urban music.” (Primavera Sound)
Mavi Phoenix will also perform at Nos Primavera Sound Porto 2018 later in summer.

Primavera Pro 2018 divides its activities into two fields of action:
DAY PRO CONFERENCE: The centre of daytime operations, located in the CCCB – in the centre of Barcelona-, hosts all the talks, presentations and workshops as well as showcases on the free daytime stage. This will take place from Wednesday 30th May to Friday 1st June, from 9 in the morning until 6 in the evening.

NIGHT PRO: Primavera Pro also has its place in the Primavera Sound program in Parc del Fòrum with its own stage, open to the festival audience. In addition, the Night Pro area is exclusive for Primavera Pro accredited professionals and is the perfect place to meet up with people.

Primavera Pro 2018  30th of May – 3rd of June, Barcelona
Primavera Sound 2018  30th of May – 3rd of June, Barcelona
Nos Primavera Sound 2018  7th – 9th of June, Porto

Supported by Austrian Cultural Forum Madrid.