Scattah Barin (c) Ina Aydogan

Something different which stands out from the crowd in a really exciting way. That’s what the Viennese trio SCATTAH BRAIN have delivered on their debut “Electric Mind State” (Duzz Down San). It is an exciting example of how to create something new from the mixture of hip-hop, jazz and rock. 

No, this band doesn’t show any interest in submitting to the musically ordinary. Jahson The Scientist (vocals), Andi Tausch (guitar) and Andreas Lettner (drums), the three brains behind Scattah Brain, present themselves on their debut work as a band that strives for new shores and wants to leave the beaten musical paths once and for all in order to develop its own sound that sounds uncompromisingly different. A project that the trio has put into practice with flying colors.


Cover "Electric Mind State"n Scattah Brain
Cover “Electric Mind State”

“Electric Mind State” is an album that tells a really different story. And it does it in an outrageously casual way. It is above all the unconventional musical mix and its really exciting implementation that set the thrilling accents here. Scattah Brain draw a wonderfully edgy and varied musical course from hip-hop, jazz and funk to rock and punk. The band combines the different styles in a very unconventional and above all very varied way.

Sometimes they let it sound really nice and groovy. Sometimes a dark, quirky and really exciting mood reigns supreme. Like on the opener “Not Digital”. Then it can be more raucously rocky (“Dictionary Definitions”,”Imperfect Magnificence”) or experimental, oblique and capricious (“Castile”).”Worlds and Wonders feat Chris Neuschmid” is proof Scattah Brain aren’t closed to the occasional pop tune either.

Just as the band doesn’t intend to limit itself musically in any way, the lyrics are just as non-conformist. Jahson The Scientist isn’t afraid to raise his voice and makes no secret of his critical viewpoint. He addresses abuses and speaks openly about the things that are wrong in our society.

Scattah Brain’s first release is a very strong debut. “Electric Mind State” proves to be a collection of consistently first-class tracks that create an unbelievable amount of atmosphere and have their own unique vibe. Very recommendable.

Michael Ternai (translated from German by David Dempsey)

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