SCHMIEDS PULS – „I care a little less about everything now”

Eagerly anticipated and now finally here: “I care a little less about everything now” (Seayou Records) – the recently released album by SCHMIEDS PULS. The trio around songwriter MIRA LU KOVACS delivers a shiny new record with smart, compelling pop music that steps outside of the norm in the most positive way.

Continuing the path they started on their debut, the second album of Mira Lu Kovacs (guitar, vocals) and her two band colleagues, Christian Grobauer (drums) and Walter Singer (double bass), features restrained, acoustic and slightly folk-influenced pop that resonates with filigree, gentle and lyrical sounds.

Following the virtue of “less is more”, Schmieds Puls focus on the essentials: the peaceful beauty of a gently played guitar, the soft rhythm of drums, the subtle and slighty jazz sounding bass, and Mira Lu Kovacs’ unmistakably delicate voice elevate each track to new heights.

From dramatic to heart-wrenchingly beautiful

The music on “I care a little less about everything now” is wonderfully atmospheric and ethereal, creeping under your skin with every tone. There is never a lack of dramatic (“This is not what I was looking for”), deeply sad (“As far as close”), more lively (“Joy”), or just heart-wrenchingly beautiful (“I did what I did, when i did what I did in the summer”) moments. Each song has a very particular vibe, each with its own infectious effect  and a high degree of individuality.

The new album by Schmieds Puls is definitely a stand out in the pop landscape. Mira Lu Kovacs, Christian Grobauer and Walter Singer manage to conjure an intense spectrum of emotions that grabs you, makes you think, shakes you up and touches you to the core. A truly special listening experience.

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Text: Michael Ternai (translated from German)