SELECTED FOR NASOM 2016/2017: Duo FreDo

The New Austrian Sound of Music – in short NASOM – is a long-term sponsorship program by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs (BMEIA), promoting young Austrian musicians for the fifth time in the two-year period 2016/2017.

The aim of NASOM is to offer support for international performances of promising young talents with the help of a global network of embassies, cultural forums and consulates.
A further objective of NASOM is to draw more attention to the fact that Austrian music creation – beyond the traditional – is as vibrant, modern and culturally diverse as ever.
The young artists accepted for this program were selected in cooperation with the organization mica – music information center austria and local music universities.
Here once again, young emerging musicians from the genres classical, jazz, world, contemporary and pop music were chosen to participate in this sponsorship program.

Among the 25 selected artists for the NASOM program:

Duo FreDo

At first glance the instrumentation of Duo FreDo is quite classic with piano and flute – anything but traditional, is its repertoire with compositions from the recent past. Doris Nicoletti and Frederik Neyrinck have made their marks in contemporary music as members of renowned ensembles, however as a duo they have just recently come together. As a duo they embark on a search for the extension of sound, bringing their instruments beyond conventional concert forms into installation-based contexts and combine music with other forms of art. They extend existing repertoire with commissioned compositions and supplement material for their duo with creative adaptations of solo works.

Frederik Neyrinck – piano
Doris Nicoletti – flute


(Photo: Duo FreDo © Sieglinde Größinger)

An initiative of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs