SELECTED FOR NASOM 2016/2017: Fräulein Hona

The New Austrian Sound of Music – in short NASOM – is a long-term sponsorship program by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs (BMEIA), promoting young Austrian musicians for the fifth time in the two-year period 2016/2017.

The aim of NASOM is to offer support for international performances of promising young talents with the help of a global network of embassies, cultural forums and consulates.
A further objective of NASOM is to draw more attention to the fact that Austrian music creation – beyond the traditional – is as vibrant, modern and culturally diverse as ever.
The young artists accepted for this program were selected in cooperation with the organization mica – music information center austria and local music universities.
Here once again, young emerging musicians from the genres classical, jazz, world, contemporary and pop music were chosen to participate in this sponsorship program.

Among the 25 selected artists for the NASOM program:

Fräulein Hona

Fräulein Hona stands for finest acoustic folk music with depth and feeling. The songs of the Vienna-based band have something very original about them, something very genuine and authentic, which in terms of depth is hard to find in the folk context. One can hear that this combo with the four musicians Kerstin Eckert, Melanie Künz, Johanna Schmid and Judith Prieler have a clear vision of their direction. With their sound being far from usual pop mass productions, Fräulein Hona manage to set their own accents in a very beautiful and refreshing style, no matter if with their increased tonal range, polyphonic vocal parts, or just their remarkably varied song structures.

Kerstin Eckert – vocals, guitar, piano, melodica, cajon, glockenspiel, flute
Johanna Schmid – vocals, guitar, piano, cello, ukulele
Judith Prieler – vocals, guitar, glockenspiel, cello, melodica, cajon
Melanie Künz – vocals, guitar, piano, cello, ukulele


(Photo: © Fräulein Hona)

An initiative of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs