Activities 2012


The “Austrian Music Box” is a high-value fivefold CD box, which is available as a musical calling card for institutions in the music world as well as foreign trade offices and is presented at international music fairs. 90 tracks were compiled by five genre curators :

Pop / Rock: Eberhard Forcher (ORF/Ö3)
Jazz / World Music: Christoph Huber (Porgy & Bess)
Classical / Contemporary Music: Daniel Ender (Öst. Musikzeitschrift/Der Standard)
Alternative / Electronic: Waves Vienna (S. Niederwieser, M. Zeller, M. Fronhofer, T. Heher)
Volksmusik / Schlager: Eva Mang (Stadlpost)

The implementation of the project included licensing of the titles, production, funding billing and subsequent distribution.


Eurosonic Festival, 11.-14.01. (Groningen, NL)

As part of the five-year collaboration with the Eurosonic Festival (ETEP program 2012-2016), the biggest European showcase festival, the Austrian Music Export presented four local artists together with mica – music austria, the EBU radio station FM4, as well as the Austrian Frequency Festival and Nova Rock Festival.

The participating artists and their representatives (management, booking, labels) were prepared with a workshop, the performances were advertised with newsletters, invitations and flyers.
In addition, by participating in networking meetings at the festival,existing collaborations with European partners were reinforced and new projects were developed.

Performing Austrian artists: Elektro Guzzi, M185, Effi, Saedi
Participating Austrian companies: The Arcadia Agency, Austrian Music Fund, DelaDap, Frequent Music Productions, Georg Leitner Productions, Ink Music, MICA – Music Information Center Austria, Miooow, ML consult, Nova Music Entertainment GmbH, Radio FM4/ORF, Skalar Entertainment GmbH, SKIR – Stylish Kids In Riot, Teamrider United, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Waves Vienna.

MIDEM 2012, 28.-31.01., Cannes (F)

“Austrian Night” In cooperation with the organizer of the Austrian joint booth at MIDEM: Presentation of the Austrian Music Box with live performances by !DelaDap, Herr Tischbein, Mika Vember, The Danubia Saxophone Quartet

Berlin Music Week, 05.-09.09., Berlin (D)
Reeperbahn Festival, 20.-22.09., Hamburg (D)

Austrian receptions and performances by local artists were planned and carried out at the Berlin Music Week and the Reeperbahn Festival together with Mario Rossori and other organizers.

Berlin Music Week
B2B Reception “Vienna meets Berlin” in the Austrian Restaurant Rio Grande,
Film Screening “Nowhere Train” in cooperation with the Austrian Music Film Festival Poolinale,
Live performances: !DelaDap, Sweet Sweet Moon, Nowhere Train, Luise Pop

Reeperbahn Festival
Austrian Music Export Reception at Club Molotow
Live performances: Garish, Gerard MC, My Name Is Music, Sweet Sweet Moon

Additional Festivals 2012

Performances by Austrian artists were realized at numerous industry events and showcase festivals – funding of travel costs were partly supported by the Austrian Music Fund, partly in cooperation with the respective Austrian Cultural Forums.

Tallinn Music Week, 29.-31.03. (Tallinn, EST): Diver
SXSW, 9.-18.03. (Texas, US): Bensh, Attwenger
Canadian Music Week, 21-23.3. (Toronto, CA): Marina Zettl, Bensh
Slovenian Music Week, 21.-25.3. (Slovenia, SI)
Spot Festival, 04.-05.05. (Aarhus, DK): Garish
Liverpool Soundcity, 17.-19.05. (Liverpool, UK): Bensh
Europavox, 25.-27.05. (Clermont-Ferrand, F): Sweet Sweet Moon, Wolfram
Primavera Festival, 31.05.-01.06. (Barcelona, ES): Austrian Music Export reception and presentation of the Austrian Music Box, live performances by Ginga and b.fleischmann
c/o Pop, 19.-23.06. (Cologne, DE): Organization of a workshop at C’n’B Convention by mica-music austria, live performance by Soap&Skin
MaMA Festival, 25.-26.10. (Paris, F): Clara Luzia
Iceland Airwaves, 31.10.-04.11. (Reykjavik, IS): Elektro Guzzi
Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, 16.11-25.11. (Huddersfield, UK): Peter Ablinger
European Music Fair, 23.-25.11. (Warschau, PL): Ginga, Diver
Sonic Visions Festival, 23.-24.11. (Esch/Alzette, LU): Focus on Austria with live performances by Elektro Guzzi, Francis International Airport
Glimps Festival, 14.-15.12. (Gent, BE): Francis International Airport, UMA, Mile Me Deaf


As an initiative to foster and strengthen the economic relations between the Austrian and international music industry, a series of events were held under the title “Vienna My Love” to present local artists in other European countries. In the guest countries, the Austrian Music Export collaborated with local partners in the areas of artist selection, event production and local public relations. National partners were the WKO / FAMA, AWO go international and the Waves Vienna Festival.

In conceptual agreement with the guest countries of this year’s Waves Vienna Festival, the first networking and showcase events were held in Paris, France, and Warsaw, Poland.

The events cover three areas:

  • A concert with 3 Austrian artists (bands, DJs) as a live presentation of the current domestic music scene
  • A networking event with labels, promoters, festivals, management and booking agencies and media partners from each of the two participating countries, as well as research on representatives of the industry, facts & figures of the respective music markets
  • An accompanying promotional campaign to promote the represented artists and the manifold current scene in general.

Warsaw, Poland – 24.05,
Venue: Klub Powiekszenie
Artist: Elektro Guzzi, M185, Luise Pop

Austrian industry representatives: Arcadia Agency, Austrian Cultural Forum, Elektro Guzzi (artist), FM4, ink Music, Luise Pop (artist), M185 (artist), mica – music austria, OMF – Austrin Music Fund, Siluh Records, Teamrider, The Karlbauers, Waves Vienna Festival

Partners: Austrian Cultural Forum Warsaw, Austrian Foreign Trade Center Warsaw, Warsaw Music Week, IAM – Instytut Adama Mickiewicza

Paris, France – 14.06,
Venues. Austrian Cultural Forum Paris, Fleche D ́Or
Artists: Monsterheart, Ginga, Clara Luzia, Bernhard Fleischmann

Austrian industry representatives: b.fleischmann (Morr Music, artist), Clara Luzia (Asinella Records, artist), Frequent Music, Fritspecial, Ginga (monkey., artist), ink music, Swimming Pool, Monsterheart (Seayou Records, artist,), Session Works Records , Siluh Records, Waves Vienna Festival, mica – music austria, OMF – Austrian Music Fund

Partners: FCA Paris, Austrian Foreign Trade Center Paris, Boogie Drugstore, Super!, bureau export


Waves Vienna, 04.-07.10.12, Vienna (AT)

With 10,800 visitors and 517 delegates from 30 different countries, the Waves Vienna Festival and the connected Music Conference was even more successful and internationally better attended than in the previous year. The 139 participating bands and DJs came from nearly all parts of the world. Music from Austria was prominently represented with over 50 acts, as well as those from Eastern Europe (23, including 9 from Poland, one of the year’s guest countries), true to the slogan “East Meets West”

Austrian Music Export Events:
Polish & Austrian Reception, 04.10., Conference Hotel Stefanie, live performance by Violetta Parisini
Luxembourg & Austrian reception, 05.10., Conference Hotel Stefanie, live performance by Esteban’s
Concept and implementation of Feedback Listening Sessions in cooperation with project pop! and wienXtra soundbase 04.-05.10.
Panel Participation 05.10. “Connecting CEE & Austria” with Zebo Adam (musician / AT), Tibor Holoda (Wilsonic / SK), Mateja Koren (Slovenian Music Week / SLO), Hanka Vojtechova (Indies Production / CZ)
Waves Delegates Tour, 06.10.


Spot On Denmark 03.02, Vienna -. Organization of Meetings & City Tour for representatives of the Danish music industry
Popfest Wien, 26.-29.07, Vienna – Participation in the “Popfest Sessions”, Kunsthalle project space


Completed tour supports
Bensh – Hoanzl / Odd One In – SXSW Festival, tour NY (03/12)
Marina Zettl – Cracked Anegg – Canadian Music Week (03/12)
Diver – schoenwetter Schallplatten – Tallinn Music Week / Tour Latvia (03-04/12)
Soap & Skin – solfo – release show Scala London / BBC (04/12)
Ginga – monkey. – Primavera Festival (05/12)
Plaided – Asinella – U.S. Tour (09/12)
Effi – Arcadia Agency – UK Tour (10-11/12)


Website ( and International Newsletter:
Concept and implementation, ongoing content creation – English reports about international releases and tours of local artists, national and international industry events as well as own and collaborative projects

Maintenance of social media sites,

Production of information material and interviews: among others for, Die Presse, The Gap, TBA Magazine, Wavesnet Magazine

Workshops on the subject of Music Export, as well as ongoing counseling and information services for local musicians and labels