Sex Jams – No Face

Vienna’s most jittery noise rock band is ready to take off and seize the studio to record the second album.  To be appropriately wound up for the recordings, the Sex Jams will squeeze into the tour bus in mid-April for  some gigs in Germany.  Needless to say that they are ready to show off a load full of new sweat dripping songs. To tease us,  their new single “No Face” is out and about, can be downloaded for free from the Sex Jams Facebook page and comes with a shiny new Super 8 video. The video was shot in the flood control basin at the Wien river and a now-vacated squat in Vienna’s Lindengasse.

Founded in the summer of 2008 in Vienna with a name referring to “Milemarker” and “songs that a guy and a girl will get turned on by”, the Sex Jams are a musical noisepop reminder of all that was good and dangerous in the late 80s and early 90s. Cool boredom/agility/world exasperation/rebellion and home at heart in a nice and loud New-New York. Most wonderfully noisy, latent, danceable, abrasive – catchy, annoying and avant-garde, the Sex Jams are your new favorite band.
Sex Jams are: Katarina Trenk (Voc), Florian Seyser (bass), Lukas Bauer (guit), Wolfgang Möstl (guit), Rudi Braitenthaller (drums)
Free Download:
Download the single ‘No Face’ from the Sex Jams Facebook site:
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Upcoming Concerts:

  • 04/12 Regensburg, W1
  • 04/13 Würzburg, Immerhin (w/ TV Buddahs)
  • 04/14 Aschaffenburg, Beatbaracke/Jukuz (+ Gary)
  • 04/15 Gera, Shalom
  • 04/16 Illmenau, baracke 5
  • 04/17 Dresden, Scheune
  • 04/18 Berlin, About:Blank (+ Cobra Skulls)
  • 04/19 Brno, Muzejka Club