Synesthetic4 at Trondheim Jazz Festival 2022

photo of Synesthetic4 (c) Astrid Knie
Synesthetic4 (c) Astrid Knie

Since 1980, TRONDHEIM JAZZ FESTIVAL has delivered first-class jazz experiences to Trøndelag and visitors to Trondheim in May, and in 2022, from the 10th-19th, they will continue to do so! This year, the Austrian quartet, SYNESTHETIC4 will grace the festival’s stage in Norway!


header for Trondheim Jazzfest 2022
(c) Trondheim Jazzfest 2022

The driving force behind the festival has, since its establishment, been to front a strong artistic content with the main focus on Norwegian, Nordic and European jazz. Trondheim Jazz Festival has been, and is, through its collaboration with various musical departments at NTNU, an important contributor to the persistently high-quality music environment Trondheim. It has been especially important for performers with a background from the NTNU Jazzlinja. Jazzfest is both an innovator and a bearer of tradition in jazz. 

Jazzfest is a national festival with between 50 and 70 events annually. Its vision is to be a leading, innovative and visible jazz communicator for the global stage.


SHOWTIME: Lokal Scene – May 12th 8:00 pm – 9:15 pm

photo of Synesthetic 4
Synesthetic4 (c) Thomas Lieser

Jazzfest welcomes one of the most exciting new jazz bands on the European continent. Complex and catchy rhythms originating from hip hop and electronic music are important elements in the music of Synesthetic4, and give the quartet an urban expression.

The quartet values dynamic precision with an inimitable narrative touch. Its repertoire ranges from melodious to manic and includes a wide variety of off-color tonal shades. The driving force behind this formation is renowned clarinetist Vincent Pongracz, who has been blending jazz and hip-hop with for many years, employing the tropes of New Music and Dadaist zaniness. Largely foregoing musical ornamentation, audiences are in for a compelling experience where musical reduction is amped up to the max.

Vincent Pongrácz – clarinet and vocals, Peter Rom – guitar, Manuel Mayr – bass, Andreas Lettner – drums

Video: Synesthetic4 – Live Teaser