Julia Lacherstorfer

Photo of Julia Lacherstorfer (c) Julia Geiter

Julia Lacherstorfer has always drawn strength and inspiration from the musical experiences of her childhood and from the folk music tradition of her home region. She rediscovers the immediacy and freedom typical of folk music later in improvised music rather than in … read more »


Alma have fitted traditional folk music in some modern clothes, yet without dressing it up as something it isn’t: Julia Lacherstorfer, Matteo Haitzmann, Marlene Lacherstorfer, Evelyn Mair and Marie-Theres Stickler play the violin, the double bass and the accordion, they sing and … read more »


ALMA (c) Daliah Spiegel

Music that unites, that treats tradition with respect and yet still opens exciting doors to the new. With the release of their new album “Oeo” (col legno), ALMA have proven themselves to be a formation that understands how to redefine folk music in … read more »



The Austrian folk and world music quintet ALMA have a reason to rejoice. The ensemble around the violinist and composer Julia Lachersdorfer will be receiving the special award for German world music RUTH as part of the Rudolfstadt-Festival on the 8th of … read more »