Innode is a project by Stefan Németh, Steven Hess (Locrian, Pan.American, Cleared) and Bernhard Breuer (Elektro Guzzi, Tumido). Central aspects of Innode´s music are rhythm, reduction and precise forms. Based on this navigation system, pieces display a technical approach contrasted by human … read more »

Black Pulse

picture of Black Pulse by Flavien Prioreau

Having worked in different bands like Elektro Guzzi, Innode, Metalycée and Tumido in the fields of techno, noise, electronic and experimental music, Bernhard Breuer now presents his solo project. BLACK PULSE is pure rhythm. Hypnotizing beats, percussive melodies and dark drones are … read more »

Elektro Guzzi

Although the local club culture has become somewhat static, it still can surprise in the formal aspect. No project can illustrate this more vividly than Elektro Guzzi. Playing the idea of ​​techno with the means of a classic line-up was first conceived … read more »