Bernhard Fleischmann

Bernhard Fleischmann by Walter Mussil

Bernhard Fleischmann was born in Vienna in 1975. His debut album “Pop Loops for Breakfast” is released in April 1999 as the first release of the newly founded label Charhizma. A short time later, the album was released on vinyl by the … read more »

Austrian Sound-Waves 2012

A big part of the Waves Vienna line-up consists of Austrian artists – during the festival several Austrian showcases are taking place. For example the Austrian Music Export Showcase at Record Bag with Dust Covered Carpet, the Siluh Night with Sex Jams … read more »

13th – 15th of September: Moving Sounds 2012

Yet again, this year’s edition of “Moving Sounds” offers selected local musicians the opportunity to present themselves to an American audience in New York. The festival organized by the ACFNY – Austrian Cultural Forum New York (this year celebrating its 10th anniversary), … read more »