DELADAP means “give me the beat” … and the name is its program for the EDM-Neo-Swing group which was founded in 2004 by Prague-born producer and mastermind Stani Vana in Vienna, with musicians from all over the former Austrian monarchy. While the … read more »

World Music in Austria

The cultivation of Austrian music is distinctly tied to its respective origins. Be it from here or from elsewhere. Some call it  folk music, others world music. The music country Austria has a vast amount of old traditions. From Carinthian choirs to … read more »

Band Portrait: !DelaDap

Danceable is the keystone of the Viennese band !DelaDap, which encompasses a diverse cosmos of sounds from folks music to disco, as well as traditional elements harking from eastern Europe and the near East. The mastermind of the project is the DJ … read more »

!DelaDap Knows What You Want

The formation !DELADAP, shuffling around the Vienna-based Czech musician, DJ and producer Stani Vana are no strangers to the world’s stages. With their extremely refreshing, colorful and high-energy mix of sounds from many different styles and genres, the international combo has established … read more »