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Austrian Artists in The Hague

"Gestochen und weg" by Elisabeth Schimana, Netzzeit (c) NurithWagner-Strauss

To kick-off the Austrian Focus in Rotterdam, Austrian artists are invited to the Austrian Residence in The Hague. On May 20, 2019 members of the ensemble Airborne extended will perform solo and duo pieces. The concert programme will be accompanied by an … read more »

Electronic Music in Austria

Although sound installations in Austria are rather sparse, the scene rather small, electronic music plays an important role in the 21st Century. And this both in the fields of experimental music and “traditional” electronic or electro-acoustic compositions. Although it took quite some … read more »

Portrait: Elisabeth Schimana

Electronic instruments are often described as mechanical and cold. However it is exactly this physical cold that breathes life into an analog synthesizer. It is the temperature fluctuations that lead to the detuning of the oscillators – the “heart” of the sound … read more »