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Ensemble PHACE (c) Pressefoto

Ensemble PHACE is one of the most renowned ensembles in the country. Founded in 1991 by composer and conductor Simeon Pironkoff (then still as ensemble on_line) the ensemble courageously tackles both complex pieces and innovative ways of playing and, in the process, … read more »


Bridging Europe Festival, Budapest/HU September 11-16, 2015 This year’s edition of Bridging Europe, the joint festival of Müpa Budapest and the Budapest Festival Orchestra, serves up a feast of cultural treats from Austria. On the menu is an artful blend of Austria’s finest classical, jazz, … read more »

Contemporary Music Ensembles in Austria

Over the past two decades, contemporary music in Austrian concert halls has been subject to a partly abrupt, partly slow-moving change in the programming of large Austrian orchestras. As a consequence, medium-sized and smaller ensembles have become all the more significant in … read more »