Bridging Europe Festival, Budapest/HU September 11-16, 2015 This year’s edition of Bridging Europe, the joint festival of Müpa Budapest and the Budapest Festival Orchestra, serves up a feast of cultural treats from Austria. On the menu is an artful blend of Austria’s finest classical, jazz, … read more »

Federspiel live in Thun

After impressive performances by Netnakisum, Catch-Pop String-Strong and the Großmütter Hatz Salon Orkestar, the Austrian platform Diverted Music will be represented for the third time this year at the Kleinkunstbörse Thun in Switzerland by the band Federspiel with its new program “So … read more »

Portrait: Federspiel

Federspiel is a band on a mission to liberate Austrian folk music from its dusty image and give it a modern edge and a fresh start which appeals to all ages. In 2004 seven young musicians from Vienna and the Lower Austrian … read more »