Austrian Music Highlights #6

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On the anniversary of a year that’s been like no other, even under the circumstances, the singles, albums, events and initiatives have not let up. Adjustments have been made; re-adjustments made again; and again. The flexibility and adaptability of the musicians who … read more »

Friedrich Cerha

Composer Friedrich Cerha, born in Vienna in 1926, has long been considered one of the most important Austrian composers of our time. In 1958, he founded the Vienna-based ensemble die reihe. Cerha directed die reihe, an ensemble comprised of gifted soloists, for … read more »

Carta Blanca a Friedrich Cerha

In recent decades hardly anyone has influenced the Austrian music scene as much as Friedrich Cerha. Friedrich Cerha may be best known as a composer that works with a variety of styles and repetitively inspires with new ways of composing, but yet … read more »